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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Install Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners believe that, just like other home improvement projects, they should wait until spring to install landscape lighting. They think they won’t be able to enjoy the lights because the cold weather will keep them indoors. However, daylight savings time makes it dark much earlier in the fall and winter, which means it is the perfect time to install lighting. With these fixtures in place, you can enjoy your outdoor space longer and ensure the safety of visitors who may come by after dark. Continue reading

Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing Your Home: How To Begin

For many Americans, winter brings frigid temperatures and unpredictable weather, both of which can wreak havoc on a home. Getting ready for the colder months means more than stocking up on hot cocoa and wood for the fireplace; you also need to think about the best ways to keep your house safe from the elements without driving up utility bills or creating larger costs down the road. Continue reading

residential electrical panel, preventing electrical shock

Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Generator

There is no question that electric generators can be quite handy, especially if you have to go several hours – or longer – without any power. However, it is necessary to ensure this piece of equipment is maintained regularly so it will continue working properly when it is needed. Some tips that will help you maintain your generator throughout the year, to ensure it is ready and able to work as needed, can be found here. Continue reading

residential electrical panel, preventing electrical shock

Top Four Home Electrical Mistakes To Avoid

If you are working with electricity, it is best to have some experience. The fact is, electricity can be fickle and one wrong move may land you in the emergency room. When it comes to electricity, there isn’t much room for errors and if a mistake isn’t fixed, it can lead to serious damage, such as electrical shock, fires or shorts. Getting to know some of the most common mistakes made when working with electricity can help you know what to avoid. Continue reading

How to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

How to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Your suitcase is ready to go, your pets are in the loving embrace of your neighbors, and you have all the sunscreen you could need – you’re all ready for vacation. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who focus on everything they are going to do while away from home, rather than thinking about how they can safeguard their home while they are away. Burglars know when you go on vacation. They know what to look for and small, seemingly insignificant indications that no one is home. This may lead to your home being broken into while you are away. Continue reading