Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical inspection is essential to the safety of your commercial building. Failure to stay within the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)’s code regulations increases your chances for electrical-related injuries or fatalities in the workplace — something nobody wants. By having an electrical inspection every three years, when the codes are updated by the ESFI, and making any appropriate changes required to be in accordance with any regulation changes, your building will become a safer place.

At Teague, we care about your safety and understand the importance of a thorough safety inspection. Our licensed master electricians are well versed on all current codes and safety regulations, helping to protect you and your business.

What Does a Safety Inspection Cover?

  • Check for proper power distribution based on the current and planned usage
  • Working order of electrical outlets and switches
  • Operation and condition of generators in use
  • Proper placement and operation of smoke detectors
  • Outdoor electrical systems
  • Security lighting
  • Proper installation of AFCIs and GFCIs (Arc Fault and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)

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