"From day one, Teague Electric brought that open mind to the table and helped my design team find affordable ways to achieve the design intent without sacrificing aesthetics or lighting performance. It was a very long and arduous endeavor, but the end result is very satisfying to everyone involved."

Clint C.   

"Teague Electric did an excellent job. Look forward to working with you in the future."

Brad T.   

"There were a few things that stood out about Teague Electric on this project. The first was their commitment to the job. As we were getting the project started, Teague was extremely helpful in devising ways for their work to run smoothly for the duration, which it did. The second thing that Teague excelled at was timely performance. When they were called upon for their work to be completed, they fulfilled all their promises as to what would get done and when."

Patrick O.   

"I would like to thank Teague for their commitment to completing this job in an efficient and professional manner."

Brian L.   

"It was a great pleasure to work with you and your team; we would hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the near future."

John C.   

I was waiting to write this email because we asked Brian to install Cat6A wiring in our office to upgrade some of our connections to 10Gbps. We discovered that we weren’t even getting half the speed promised and Brian came back out to look. He said his cabling was good but I was still unsure. Now we’ve determined for sure that his cabling is good and the problem is our computers cannot keep up with the network connection – which we were not expecting. Brian was confident in his work and I shouldn’t have doubted him.

The original job was to cleanup some wiring from an old phone system we didn’t think was in use. I saw how efficient Brian was and that he “hustled” when he worked. I asked him to do a few more things and he gladly obliged. That’s when I noticed he not only worked quickly but was also very neat about his work. Hustle, neatness and pride of ownership are big things with me so I asked him to do more. He ended up working 3 days (I think) and made a massive dent in our backlog of tasks.

The main reason for this email is that what he did for us saved me and another guy months from coming in nights and weekends to complete ourselves, and we would not have done as good a job as Brian. He ended up running more network cabling, cleaning up another punchdown block area, hanging a network cabinet, installing wireless access points in the ceiling and probably some more stuff that I forgot. Had he not been the right guy for the job we would’ve been forced to do it ourselves and it would have sucked.

I only compliment when it’s deserving and I rarely have reason to tell somebody about extraordinary work but I’m happy to send this email to say Brian did a great job for us and that we really appreciate it!

P.S. And the only reason I called Teague to help with cabling was because I had Kevin on the electrical side come and add some additional electrical circuits. He did such a good job I thought maybe Teague could help with my other problems. Kevin deserves an Atta-boy too!

Marty S.   

"The teamwork and dedication that was demonstrated throughout our project was truly appreciated. While working on a new build and another store remodel at the same time, there were certainly stressful times. It was so helpful to know that I did not need to worry about the execution of the electrical components in the store. The team at Teague Electric listened actively and incorporated everything from our wish list. Nothing was impossible, and they did this without impacting the budget or our timeline for opening date."

Brian B.