New Home Construction

New home construction is a large undertaking for many contractors. Teague Electric of Lenexa, Kansas, can help make big construction projects more manageable. With the support of our skilled electrical service team, your new-home construction project will be completed on time and within your budget. At Teague Electric, we do more than provide electrical installations and repairs, we work to help contractors provide the highest quality finished product. As a result, contractors and their customers are always satisfied with the end result.

How We Can Help

Whole-house Wiring – It takes an experienced team to complete whole-house wiring on a new home construction project. Not to worry, though. We have the resources and large professional team required to get the task at hand completed thoroughly and to your satisfaction.

Installation of Buried Electrical Cables – Many homeowners prefer the luxury of buried power cables, as it helps provide a more stable source of electricity during inclement weather and over the test of time. Our team has the finesse and knowledge base needed to see this electrical service through to completion.

Home Entertainment Systems – As homeowners build new houses, entertainment systems are often a main priority. Getting all the audio-visual components properly wired is not a concern when you partner with our experts for this electrical service.

Home Protection Services – Every new home deserves to have the proper home protection services integrated, and our professionals can help make this dream a reality. From generator and surge protection to fire and security system installation, we will help contractors cover all the bases.

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

It is no exaggeration when we say that a partnership with Teague Electric is surefire way to satisfy your new home construction clientele. We specialize in providing excellent electrical service, which means you will always have the tools you need to provide the best-quality finished project. Always on schedule and within budget means you will finish on top — something every contractor can appreciate.

When your contracting project demands total electrical service, look no further than Teague Electric, your expert for new home construction. Call (913) 529-4600 to learn how we can help.

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