Electrical Upgrades

Older homes have a beauty and charm to them that draws in many homeowners. They also typically experience many electrical issues due to the advances made in technology that put extra strain on older equipment, combined with years of wear and tear.
Issues typically present themselves in a variety of ways, including regular popping of breakers, electrical outlets that only work occasionally, and breaker panels that are a discombobulated mess.

You may be in need of breaker box upgrade service if your home:

  • Was built prior to 1960 (no circuit breakers)
  • Has an electrical service of 60 amps or less
  • Has recently had an addition built

Teague electricians have the expertise and experience needed to review your current breaker box and provide you with the best upgrade plan for your home and requirements. We will review your unique situation and offer you an honest estimate on an electrical service upgrade that we guarantee will be completed on schedule.

If you are worried about your breaker box being a safety hazard in your home, contact the experts at Teague Electric for a free estimate at (913) 529-4600.

Providing excellent electrical service upgrades for homeowners everywhere.