Home Inspection Safety

Electrical safety inspections are crucial to the well-being of your home and the safety of all those who occupy it. Because of this, the Electrical Safety Foundation has compiled a set of guidelines for when you should seek a home inspection.

When to Get a Home Inspection:

  • Your home is over 40 years.
  • Your home has undergone a major renovation or integrated a new, large appliance within the past decade.
  • You are a new homeowner of a previously owned home.
  • Your lights experience frequent flickering or dimming.
  • Your circuit breakers flip and/or fuses blow regularly
  • You have hot-to-touch and/or discolored light switch faceplates
  • You hear unusual noises coming from electrical outlets

Additional Electrical Safety Inspections:

The inclusion of GFCIs (ground fault circuit interrupters) and AFCIs in your home is highly recommended, as it helps protect against accidental electric shock or electrocution. As a precaution, homeowners should consider the installation of GFCIs on general-purpose receptacles throughout the home. On the same token, AFCIs (arc fault circuit interrupters) are another great way to protect your home, as they prevent fires that might be caused by problems created by outdated electrical hardware.

Whether you need a thorough home inspection completed or would like GFCIs and AFCIs installed in your home, our skilled professionals can help. Home safety is just one call and inspection away.

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