Internet Wiring

Today’s modern home is well-equipped with internet access points and wi-fi throughout. From Google Fiber installation to setting up your wireless access point, the professionals at Teague have the expertise to help you with all your home internet requirements.

We come highly recommended by both CenturyLink and Time Warner as reliable installation experts for your internet wiring.

Why Wireless Internet Has Wires

While wireless Internet is a convenient way to surf the Internet from anywhere in your home, there is a common myth among homeowners that wireless access points have no wires. Using wireless internet requires the use of a wireless access point. This access point is hard-wired to an Internet cable (CAT5) that converts the Internet signal to wireless. This allows you to use the wi-fi on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone to connect to the router without being physically connected to it. Sometimes, a CAT5 cable may need to be run to several locations in your home with multiple wireless access points in order to boost the signal or for convenient access to your Smart TV.

Whatever your home Internet needs are, you can trust our certified electricians to get your home Internet correctly installed the first time!

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