2023 Outdoor Lighting Options to Consider

2023 Outdoor Lighting Options to Consider

outdoor lighting options

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Are you ready to head into the new year with a plan to boost your home’s curb appeal with outstanding outdoor lighting options?

If so, we have plenty of selections. These are a small sample of what you can do to improve your home exterior with modern LED lighting and other fantastic fixtures.

Ways to Improve Your Home with Modern Outdoor Lighting Options

  • Remember the Big Three Lighting Components
    • Are you after the right mix of lights to cover your back patio for a variety of purposes? Then remember the Big Three: 1) Ambient, 2) Task, and 3) Accent lights.
    • Ambient lights are your general light source, which could be a chandelier, dome light, or some other centralized fixture. Task lighting helps you see better for specific purposes such as the lights over an outdoor grill. Finally, accent lights are the subtle, lower-wattage sources gently illuminating the background. A well-lit outdoor living area will incorporate each of these three.
  • Calculate the Appropriate Wattage
    • Yes, there is a way to select bulb wattage based on the square footage of your property. This is most applicable for ambient lighting along porches, decks, and patios. You can determine the proper wattage with the simple equation: 1.5 Watts X Square Feet of Space. So, for example, 200 square feet, multiplied by 1.5, gives you a requirement of 300 watts.
  • LEDs Are The Best
    • Which bulbs work the best? Regardless of the fixtures you select, we recommend LED lighting, which are much safer and consume 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs.

A Couple Other Ways to Approach Outdoor Lighting

  • Look for Easy Ways to Improve Your Lighting Fast
    • You may recall one of your recent posts where we showed you how to choose the right outdoor patio lighting for your Kansas City home. There we talked about how attention to detail can make a tremendous difference. If you’re after a classy appearance without using lots of energy, try installing some LED lanterns along the path leading to your front door. These only need 12-to-15 watts of light because they provide just enough light when it’s pitch black outside.
  • Security Lighting – A Very Wise Investment
    • This is an important lighting trend for homeowners who want their lights to do more than look pretty or fancy. By adding more light to entry ways, pathways, around windows, and garage doors, you’ll have a much better chance of deterring intruders.

Popular Light Fixtures

One of the best parts of adding to your indoor and outdoor lighting repertoire is the enormous variety of light fixtures. Of course, so many choices can make your decision overwhelming. Therefore, let’s highlight a few popular fixtures you may want for your outdoor ambiance.

The classic mounted lantern-style lights are making a comeback these days. They do a great imitation of the old-style flame-powered lanterns, and match well with colonial-style architecture. If you’re after something more modern, you can sift through a dense array of waterproof LED lanterns.

For better accent lighting, sconce lights work wonderfully on the side of your home, inside hallways, and anywhere else you want something subdued yet ornate. You can even bolster your stairway lighting with various styles of ribbon strip lighting, similar to what you might see in movie theaters.

Call Teague Electric for Help with All Outdoor Lighting Options

Trust us when we say this only scratches the surface of what’s possible with exterior lighting options available. Teague Electric can help you install almost anything. Whatever you do, don’t try to handle a complicated lighting renovation by yourself.

Instead, use one of our reliable electricians to get the job done right the first time. We can even help you hook up your pool or hot tub with better lights. That’s what you can expect working with a company with an almost five-star consumer rating.

Contact Teague Electric soon to avail yourself of all the excellent outdoor lighting options that will make your home look its best in 2023.

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