5 Benefits to Making the Switch to Smart Lighting

5 Benefits to Making the Switch to Smart Lighting

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Deciding to switch to smart lighting may sound like a drastic move, but might be one of the wisest choices you’ll make as a homeowner. Smart lighting saves you time, helps keep your house more secure, and may help you save a lot on your electric bill.

We’ll take a look at the five top reasons to go to using smart lighting. When you use smart lighting, you’ll probably enjoy the benefits sooner than anticipated. Read on to learn more about how smart lighting systems are helpful.

1) When You Switch to Smart Lighting, You Can Control Your Lights from Anywhere

One of the biggest frustrations for many people is having to start turning the lights on first thing when they get home. When you use smart lighting, you can turn your lights on before leaving work or on your way home from the store. You no longer need to think about dealing with the hassles of wandering around a dark house or yard to get to your switches to turn the lights on. Enjoy a well-lit walkway and a house where you can easily see everything when you come home.

2) Adjust Your Lighting to Music to Set the Tone for Entertaining

When you have frequent parties, setting the right mood for your entertainment for be a good reason to switch to smart lighting. Regardless of whether you’re hosting a more intimate dinner party or a gathering featuring the hottest dance music, there are few things that can match having the lighting help set the mood. Some of the compatible systems offer everything from calming cool shades to high-octane strobe or disco light effects.

3) Deciding to Switch to Smart Lighting Can Help You Control Your Energy Consumption

Many homeowners are concerned about their energy consumption, hence the number of households where someone is conservative about turning lights off when a room is unoccupied. One of the things that you can easily do when using smarter lighting solutions is control which lights stay on and for how long they stay on. Being able to easily turn off lights that you are not using is one of the easiest ways to help save energy. If you can control other devices, such as TVs and computers, you’ll enjoy more energy savings.

4) Helping Make and Keep Your Home More Secure

One of the most common reasons for adding additional lighting around a home is to help make everything more secure. When you can turn your lights on when everyone’s away, would-be intruders won’t know if someone’s there. There are several options that you can use that even allow you to get creative with how you use lighting this way if you like. Using lighting that differs from typical security lighting is great aesthetically, and also makes it easier for lighting used for greater security to blend in with your lighting scheme more.

5) Controlling Your Lights, No Matter Where You Are

The Control4 system is app-supported, putting control in your hands, even if you’re vacationing far from home. You don’t have to think about whether your house sitter has gotten the hang of your lighting system. This app also helps you control any other systems integrated as part of a smart home system, along with your lighting. You can monitor these systems just as easily as if you were still at home and take action on any problems.

Are You Ready to Make the Switch?

If you’ve decided that smart lighting might be the best solution for your home, switching over might be easier than you realized. Contact us if you’ve decided to switch to smart lighting to see how this might benefit you.

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