6 Benefits to Investing in a Standby Generator

6 Benefits to Investing in a Standby Generator

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Even if you don’t live in an area with severe weather or power cuts, a standby generator is a great idea. A standby generator can make a big difference if there is a power outage.

You should always have some type of emergency backup plan in place to protect your home and belongings. Even a small generator can be the single thing that keeps you safe.

6 Benefits to Investing in a Standby Generator

With more and more severe weather and our power grids working overtime, you never know when you may experience a power outage.

• Access to Power

During a power cut, your standby generator will provide you with uninterrupted power. You can ask your electrician which size will suit your home and needs best.

Regardless of what you are doing, even with a power outage, you can still access power. No matter what your daily routine is, you can continue without interruption.

• Preserve Fresh Frozen Food

One of the biggest wastes during a power outage is spoiled food. It’s impossible to preserve or even cook everything to avoid it going bad. Your standby generator will keep that from happening.

It can cost hundreds of dollars with all that food spoiling and if you need electricity to cook it, then it can be a heartbreaking loss. If you have a business that supplies food, a standby generator is a must.

• No Break in Service

Most standby generators are designed to detect a power outage and can kick in before it all goes off. This not only keeps your electricity running without a break, but it can also help save your appliances and devices from power surges.

Once the power comes back on, the generator will often keep running to make sure the main power has been restored. This protects you and your appliances from power surges and then shuts off once the power is stable.

• Security

Whether you are home or not when the power fails, your security system will continue to work. This is a great relief for people who may be at work or even out of town.

This can be very comforting for families, even if you choose to relocate during the power outage. You will know your home is safe and secure as you know there will be no interruption with your entire security system.

• Comfort

If you experience a power outage during severe weather, it can be dangerous. While you may be uncomfortable during a heatwave, it’s vital to have power during a deep freeze.

It can make the home unlivable and you will need to leave without a standby generator. If you have to leave the home with no power, it leaves it open to all kinds of damage and mischief.

• Medical Dependency

If someone in the home depends on medical equipment to breathe, sleep, or get up and down the stairs, then a power outage can be life-threatening. If you don’t have the generator, then you would have to relocate, which is never convenient.

A standby generator is worth the peace of mind, alone. It’s a worthy investment for your home to ensure comfort, safety, and security all year long. In many areas of the country, it seems impossible to get by without one.

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Follow this link for more information or contact us directly here at Teague Electric. Investing in a generator is investing in your safety, your security, and your future.

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