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6 Common Reasons Your Lights are Flickering

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There could be a few reasons why your lights are flickering, none of them good. However, not all of the reasons are serious. It’s usually an indication there is a problem with the light bulb or your wiring.

While there are a few ways you can check for faults, you are often better off calling your electrician. You don’t want to start poking around and get injured or cause even more damage.

6 Common Reasons Your Lights are Flickering

When your lights are flickering, determine if it is an isolated incident or if all the lights in the house are flickering.

1. Loose Light Bulb

If the flickering is coming from a lamp or an overhead light, the reason your lights are flickering could simply be because the bulb is loose. Turn the light off and when it is cool enough to touch, just check that the bulb has not come loose.

2. Bulb Problem

There could be a problem with your bulb. It might be faulty or about to burn out. Fluorescent lights are prone to flickering when they are first turned on, but if it continues, get it checked out.

You may have the wrong bulb size or wattage in. LED lights are lower wattage and may not react well in dimmer switches. Using a low wattage bulb or too high of wattage in the wrong socket may cause them to flicker.

3. Loose Plug

With lamps, it is not uncommon for the plug to become loose or knocked out of the socket. Check that the plug is plugged in fully and not damaged. Cheaper plugs can become damaged or the prongs get bent.

The cord can also become damaged. If the cord gets bent or bumped a lot, it can become broken and the wires inside get bent and broken. Check the cord for damages throughout.

4. Faulty Switches

The switches on your lamp or lights are another reason your lights are flickering. On a lamp, it may have been used too often and has become loose and not connecting.

Light switches on the wall can also become loose or damaged. If the switch feels loose or wobbly, it may be having a hard time connecting to the lights and this will cause the lights to flicker.

5. Faulty Wiring

If your wiring is damaged or loose, it can not only be a reason your lights are flickering, but it can be a fire hazard, as well. Wired can become loose at the socket, at the switch, or anywhere else.

Rodents and time can also damage your wires. An older home with an old electrical system likely needs a good overhaul. Corroded or broken wires can cause a lot of damage to your home.

6. Overloaded Circuit

If your lights begin to flicker when you use a larger appliance, like your dishwasher or air conditioner, then you may be trying to draw too much energy from that outlet.

If it only happens when the larger appliance starts up, then it likely isn’t too much of a problem. If it happens every time and keeps flickering, then there could be a problem with your wiring, your circuits, or the appliance itself.

Reasons Your Lights are Flickering

If the problem is new or if all the lights throughout your house are flickering, it’s a good idea to call your electrician. Flickering lights could be an indication of a deeper problem.

Call us here at Teague Electric for an inspection or to book an inspection. Don’t take chances with your electric system if you believe there is a problem.

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