6 Reasons to Have a Home Electrical Inspection

6 Reasons to Have a Home Electrical Inspection

Home Electrical Inspection

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Did you know that having a home electrical inspection is one of the greatest safety measures you can take? Most of us don’t think about our electrical system until there is a problem.

An inspection of your entire electrical system at least once a year can not only help to cut back on your energy bills and consumption, but it can identify smaller issues before they become big ones.

6 Reasons to Have a Home Electrical Inspection

Spring and fall are excellent times to have a home electrical inspection completed. Be ready for the heat and the cold knowing your electrical system will not fail.

  • Your House is Old

If you live in an older home or have recently come into one, it’s always a smart decision to have an electrical inspection. There can be any number of issues that you have no idea even exist.

Old wiring, outdated sockets, and switches, or DIY repair jobs going back for years. Older homes were not equipped with the ability or the sockets to cope with the demands of today.

  • Electrical Problems

Flickering lights, odd smells, dimming lights, outlets that don’t always work, sparks, hissing, there could be any number of problems that are obvious. There could also be a lot more that are not.

If you are having problems with fuses blowing all the time or you have to unplug one small appliance in order to run another, then you definitely need a home electrical inspection.

  • Reasons to Have a Home Electrical Inspection: Hot Switches or Sockets

If you notice that your light switches or electrical outlets are hot, stop using them and call your electrician right away. If the surface is warm or hot, even when you first use it, then stop using it.

It’s not uncommon for the outlet to get warm after a while, but they shouldn’t be hot to touch. If they are, shut off the main breaker. This can be dangerous to touch and even a fire hazard.

  • Remodeling Your Home

A home remodel is an excellent time for a home electrical inspection. Even if you are only doing one room, the system should be inspected. You are most likely adding more components, so you need to make sure it will be capable.

Having the electrical inspection before the remodel will be beneficial as your electrician can make suggestions that will help with your energy consumption, safety and function better.

  • Buying or Selling a Home

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are looking at buying one, a home electrical inspection is a must. It’s important that you know what is going on with the electrical system.

When you are serious about buying the home, of course, you will want an inspection. Likewise, your potential buyer will want one and likely get one whether you do or not.

  • Increases in Energy Bills

Has your energy bill been much higher lately without the use of more energy? It’s definitely time for a home electrical inspection. There could be a problem, some damage caused by moisture or animals, or just old wiring that needs to be replaced.

You may need an upgrade with your wiring or circuit panel. Our electrical systems get used a lot so it’s important that we take care of them. It’s the least we can do.

Home Electrical Inspections

An outdated electrical system is just asking for trouble. It’s smart to have a home electrical inspection at least once a year. Contact us at Teague Electric for more information or to book your own home inspection.

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