Grace Young, Author at Teague Electric

Important Considerations When Buying a Bathroom Fan

Do you need to purchase a new bathroom fan for your home? Everyone knows that bathroom fans play a crucial role in providing a relaxing and pleasing experience. When it is time to install this bathroom essential, it is best to leave it to the pros. However, choosing a fan is up to you, so […]

Getting to Know the Most Common Electric Updates in the Workplace

Did you know there are an array of potential electrical hazards in the workplace? When you know what these are, you can watch for them and feel confident that your work environment is as safe as possible. After all, there is no reason to put yourself or any of your co-workers at unnecessary risk. Remember, […]

Tips for Improving Your Patio with the Right Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking for an effective and noticeable way to improve your outdoor patio? If so, you should consider installing new or upgrading your existing outdoor lighting. The professionals understand how beneficial the right outdoor lighting can be for any outdoor space. Some of the factors to consider when adding lighting to your outdoor patio […]

Electrical Setup Tips for Your Home Office

It doesn’t matter if you are starting your own business or if you work for a company that allows you to work remotely, having an optimized set up in your new home office is essential. It will also help to ensure you are efficient and productive.

Are Single Story Homes Really More Energy Efficient than Multi-Story Homes?

The debate related to energy efficiency and the total number of stories/floors in a home isn’t new. At the heart of the debate is heating and cooling costs. After all, this alone makes up about 50% of your energy costs. The consensus has generally been that single-story homes are more energy-efficient since heat rises, which […]

Does Your New Home Need to Be Rewired?

Did you just purchase a new home? If so, congratulations! This is an exciting milestone in anyone’s life. Now that you are starting to settle in and getting more familiar with the layout, the local activities, and your new neighborhood, it is high time to put a bit of thought into the major systems of […]