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Is Getting A Standby Generator A Good Investment?

We believe that purchasing a reliable standby generator for your home is an excellent investment that will protect you from unexpected electrical outages. This is no trivial matter since losing power in the winter can be dangerous. We’ll show you all the reasons to supplement your electrical system with a backup generator. Why Should You […]

Common Electric Hazards To Keep An Eye On

How much do you know about these common electric hazards? They’re the problems that could manifest in disaster if you ignore them for too long. A significant portion of our business comes from finding, diagnosing, and implementing permanent solutions to electric hazards in both homes and commercial businesses. Common Electric Hazards in Kansas City Homes […]

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Construction Team⁣⁣

Are you ready to hire a professional Commercial Construction Team⁣⁣ to renovate and transform your business lighting or electrical framework? If so, then we hope you choose Teague Electric, but before doing anything, there are probing questions you should ask a potential contractor. Nobody should approach electrical renovation without doing their homework and determining whether […]

Reasons To Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting This Fall⁣⁣

If you want to boost home curb appeal, then this might be the best time to install Kansas City landscape lighting. Many homeowners ask us about this because it’s one the most effective ways to enhance any outdoor setting. Let’s find out why that is. Reasons to Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting It promotes better […]

How to Know If You Need an Electrical Inspection this Fall⁣⁣

It may be a prudent idea to obtain an electrical inspection this fall. It’s a good idea for almost any home or building owner, but especially when your home suffers from obvious electrical hazards. You may also consider getting an inspection to help diagnose problems that are contributing to energy inefficiency. We’ll devote this quick […]

Importance of Having Outdoor Security Lighting Installed

Having outdoor security lighting installed helps your home in many ways. The biggest advantage, by far, is that security lights outdoors make burglars think twice about trying to break in. You’ll feel safer; there will be fewer places an intruder might pick to hide in, and the right system may also feature motion detection. One […]

Top Electrical Considerations When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Electrical considerations when remodeling your bathroom mostly involve safety but are also important for convenience. Most of us, after all, will spend a bit of time in there daily to get ready for the day and get cleaned up before bed. Faulty light fixtures or similar hassles can cause major inconveniences that take time to […]