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Do’s and Don’ts for Using Extension Cords

The majority of homes today utilize extension cords in one way or another. Unfortunately, quite a few of these homes don’t use them safely. After all, there aren’t too many inspectors checking how you are using your extension cords inside of your home. As a result, it is up to you to make sure you […]

Top Four Home Electrical Mistakes To Avoid

If you are working with electricity, it is best to have some experience. The fact is, electricity can be fickle and one wrong move may land you in the emergency room. When it comes to electricity, there isn’t much room for errors and if a mistake isn’t fixed, it can lead to serious damage, such […]

Surge Protector and Power Strip Safety

There is no question that surge protectors and power strips offer a certain level of convenience. However, if you want to use them safely, you have to learn the difference between the two. Far too often, surge protectors and power strips are mistaken for each other.

How to Protect Your Home While On Vacation

Your suitcase is ready to go, your pets are in the loving embrace of your neighbors, and you have all the sunscreen you could need – you’re all ready for vacation. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who focus on everything they are going to do while away from home, rather than thinking about […]

Tips to Help Keep Your Kids Safe around Electricity

If you are like most people, you use electricity for many tasks throughout the day. You likely don’t give much thought to using an appliance or turning on a light. Your kids also use electricity daily, from playing on a gaming system to tapping away at their tablets. In fact, electricity has become such a […]

Is it Time to Update Your Home’s Electrical System?

It is easy to forget how much you rely on electricity. In fact, most people go throughout their day, using lights, appliances, and devices without giving a second thought to where the power is coming from. However, ignoring the electrical system in your home can be dangerous. This is particularly the case if the system […]

Why Are the Lights Flickering in Your Home?

Not all situations where lights are flickering indicate a serious problem with your home’s electrical system. It’s more important to figure out what lights flicker and how. The fact is, this is a pretty common problem that has a number of explanations. To better understand how to address flickering lights, you need to tailor the […]