Benefits of Underground Construction & Dealing With Trained Electricians

The Benefits of Underground Construction and Why Dealing With Trained and Experienced Electricians Is the Only Way To Go

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Underground electrical lines provide a great advantage for commercial projects because of greater reliability during inclement weather and longer lifespans from not being regularly exposed to the elements.

Installation and maintenance of underground electrical systems needs to be handled by a licensed electrician.

The professionals at Teague Electric have extensive experience in underground electrical service for commercial buildings. Our reputation for excellent work and service has earned us the number one referral spot for Kansas City Power & Light.

Our crews have installed miles of conduit and cable as well as enclosures in a variety of environments.

Underground Electrical Systems: More Than Just Buried Power Lines

Underground construction involves more than just buried power lines. The Teague team has extensive experience working with roadway lighting for both private and state municipalities, traffic signalization, area lighting and lighting for private development projects.

Regardless of what it includes, our professionals can handle your underground electrical needs. We’ve done everything from underground service and fiber installations to large-scale utility relocations.

Not only can we do the work, but we can keep the project on schedule. Our commercial fleet of trucks and equipment are well stocked with tools and experienced operators to ensure your project progresses smoothly, safely and with minimal disruption.

6 Reasons to Choose Underground Construction?

The benefits of underground electrical system installation generally outweigh the drawbacks for commercial projects.

Among the reasons to go underground:

  1. You can best preserve the aesthetics of your property and the surrounding area.
  2. Property values are better maintained because of the improved aesthetic.
  3. Hazards are reduced to optimum and safe levels due to the large volume of land over the underground electrical lines.
  4. Short circuits, arcs and flashes do not pose any threat above the ground.
  5. Public hazard of electrocution and property owner liability is incredibly reduced.
  6. The lifespan of an underground system is much longer than above ground. Weather – in particular strong winds – can wreak havoc on above-ground systems. And even when conditions aren’t extreme, exposure to the elements will wear a system down over time.

The cabling and accessories that we install are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and have a much longer lifespan than above-ground electrical systems.

Work With Trained Professionals

Our certified equipment operators and ground personnel receive regular, intensive training in all areas of equipment operation and work zone safety, as well as strict DOT and OSHA regulations.

We are experienced in planning, permitting, trenching, installation and inspections.

And because our electricians are well versed in local and city requirements, you can trust that your project will be up to code and completed correctly the first time.

Remember, when you work with Teague Electric, you’re working with a one-stop commercial electric shop. We offer complete coverage for every electrical component of a commercial project.

Teague is different from other area electricians in that we have dedicated teams for each specific aspect of a commercial job. No more having to call around to multiple electricians to get your project to completion.

Teague Electric has been the area’s leader in timely service and quality workmanship for more than 40 years. We’ll bring a level of professionalism that’s unmatched in the area.

For the best underground construction work, contact Teague Electric.

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