Common Electric Hazards To Keep An Eye On

Common Electric Hazards To Keep An Eye On

Common Electric Hazards

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How much do you know about these common electric hazards? They’re the problems that could manifest in disaster if you ignore them for too long. A significant portion of our business comes from finding, diagnosing, and implementing permanent solutions to electric hazards in both homes and commercial businesses.

Common Electric Hazards in Kansas City Homes & Businesses

  • Loose, Ungrounded, or Defective Wiring
    This is one of our biggest concerns and a source of many service calls. If you live in a home that still has two-pronged outlets or notice uncovered and loose wiring, please call us for assistance.
  • Electrical Equipment & Water
    Water and electricity don’t mix, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s around a shower, kitchen sink, swimming pool, or hot tub. You can only use electrical equipment near water as long as it has proper installation, and an electrician inspects your home for safety issues.
  • Light Bulb Issues
    Light bulbs themselves aren’t usually the issue, but the old incandescent ones get very hot. That makes them a fire hazard when they’re too close to flammable items. One way to fix this problem is to switch to modern LED lighting.
  • Hazards for Children
    We always remind homeowners with young children to child-proof their homes from electrical hazards. This means covering outlets with plastic closures and keeping appliances out of reach.
  • Improper Use of Extension Cords
    By leaving extension cords sprawled across floors, you create a tripping hazard and a common problem in workplaces. You should tape these down or secure them somehow even for short uses.

How to Address Common Electric Hazards

Then we have ways to minimize the risk of shocks, electrical fires, and other dangerous incidents. While we do a lot of panel upgrades for customers, there are other affordable measures you can take to minimize safety risks. One conservative measure involves the installation of surge protection, namely Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs).

GFCIs address potentially dangerous shocks by “interrupting” the current flowing from electrical wires into household appliances. Sometimes, when energy usage is high, wires and appliances will experience a significant spike in electrical current. That’s why you may have suffered a painful shock at one point or another.

In the meantime, there are a few other ways you can make an immediate impact on electrical safety on your property. Always remember not to overload outlets, unplug appliances when not in use, never run cords under doors or carpets, and replace any cords with damaged insulation.

Hazards Are Very Common in Older Homes

We’d like to refer you to one of our earlier posts where we discussed the inherent danger of electrical issues in older homes. The biggest problem is ungrounded/outdated wiring because houses built before the 1950s were around before grounding capability.

Not only is this yet another shock/fire hazard, but it’s also out of compliance with almost everything modern electrical code, along with Kansas City regulations. Rest assured, however, that we can adapt your home to 21st-century safety standards by rewiring your home, installing GFCIs, or both.

Call Teague Electric for Outstanding Electrical Repair Service

Our electrical repair services are second to none in the Kansas City metro area. You can’t afford to gamble with less-reputable companies when your family’s safety is at stake. Safeguarding your home is also not a “do it yourself” task.

We can vouch for outstanding customer service and expertise by referring you to all of our past clients who have appreciated our work. We’re not newcomers either since Teague Electric has been in business since 1978 serving KC residents in several ways.

So, don’t let these common electric hazards linger any longer, and contact us to eliminate them altogether.

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