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Electrical Safety for Your Commercial Property

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For the safety of your tenants, your business, and your property, you must take steps for electrical safety for your commercial property. Fires due to faulty wiring and other electrical issues are all too common.

Not only do you need to take responsibility to make sure your electrical system is safe, but all the tenants in the building need to be educated on electrical safety.

Electrical Safety for Your Commercial Property

Regardless of how big your commercial building is or what is used for, electrical safety for your commercial property is vital.

Regular Inspections

While there is plenty you and your tenants can do to keep safe, the best place to start is with a professional inspection. They can find any problem areas, suggest repairs or upgrades, and find potential problems that can arise.

This gives you a great starting point. When you know everything is up-to-date and working properly, you can maintain your safety status much more easily. Everyone can.

Watch For Damage

Things around an office or common area can get damaged from a lot of use or misuse.


This needs to happen all the time. People in the building need to be vigilant about noticing and reporting any damage. These can be sockets that may be loose, broken or cracked, have a slightly burnt mark or discoloration, feel hot, or plugs fall out.

Sockets get a lot of use, in particular, if people need to plug in and unplug from the same socket many times a day. This can wear down the sockets and damage the wires inside.


Watch for problems with common appliances that everyone uses. Coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, printers, computers, paper shredders, copiers, and all the rest.

These may have frayed cords, people may get shocks from touching them, burning smells, sparks, shorting out, or causing the breakers to trip when being used.

This is particularly important in rooms and areas where there is exposure to moisture, like lunchrooms. Get frayed wires replaced or repaired and any other appliance that can cause electrocution or start a fire.

Install Circuit Breakers

Various appliances, equipment, and needs will all draw their own need for electricity. Ensuring electrical safety in your commercial property will increase with circuit breakers.

These circuit breakers can keep the breakers from tripping and getting overloaded and too hot. These need to be installed where they will be most useful to keep the current form flowing excessively.

Turn Off and Unplug Appliances

Getting everyone to shut off and/or unplug appliances overnight can not only save on energy but help with electrical safety in your commercial property. Many of these appliances are still on, even when they are not in use.

Coffee makers, microwaves, computers, and other larger appliances can still draw a lot of energy. Many have screens, LED displays, clocks, and other functions that draw energy.

Educate Tenants

When you have your inspection, why not get the electrician to give a few safety tips. You can write them up and hang them around in the appropriate places in the building.

The more people know, the easier it is to stay ahead with electrical safety in your commercial property. Using equipment properly, not using extension cords, being able to recognize when there is damage or a potentially dangerous situation.

Electrical Safety for Your Commercial Property

Ensuring your commercial property is safe needs to be number one on your list for all your tenants. If you need an inspection or any other help, please call us here at Teague Electric.

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