Electrical System Upgrade: What You Need to Know

Electrical System Upgrade: What You Need to Know

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As a generally accepted rule, there are two primary reasons you would need to upgrade your electrical system:

  1. If the system is unsafe
  2. If it’s not large enough for your current electrical demand

In either situation, an electrical system upgrade is necessary for your immediate safety and the integrity of your entire electrical system. If your service is currently unsafe, then there’s no question it’s also dangerous. However, if the system isn’t large enough to handle your daily demand, it can lead to hazardous situations, too.

If you have noticed any of these issues, or even suspect them, the best thing you can do is to call the professionals. Keep reading to learn why professional electrical service is the best option.

What’s Offered When You Call the Pros?

By calling the professional for an electrical system upgrade, you have someone who knows how to safely deal with any and all electrical issues.

By hiring the professionals, you can also feel confident that both the panel and electrical meter will be installed properly, and that they will be sufficient to support the day to day load at the property.

Some of the other benefits offered by hiring the professionals include:

  • Ability to handle underground or overhead power
  • Proper grounding
  • Coordination with the local city and utility company

Now that you understand the benefits offered by hiring the professionals for service upgrades, it’s important to know some of the signs they are needed.

Signs an Electrical Upgrade is Needed

The good news is, you don’t have to guess if an electrical system upgrade is needed. There are several indications of a problem that will let you know you need to take action. These include:

  • Light switches that feel hot when touched
  • Broken, discolored, or charred outlets
  • Regular circuit breaker trips
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Blown bulbs
  • Higher than normal utility costs

If you notice any of these issues or if your home is older, calling an electrician for an inspection and evaluation of the current electrical system is a good idea. This can help you know for sure if upgrades are needed and the specific problems you may have in your home.

Keep in mind, if you put off calling for help, the issues are only going to get worse. This can lead to several potential problems including shock, electrocution, or even an electric fire.

Upgrading an Electrical System: The Bottom Line

It’s important to remember the upgrade of an electrical system is an advanced process. It is best performed by a contractor with plenty of past experience. This is not a job that’s recommended for homeowners to take on alone.

The amount of time this project will take is dependent on what’s being installed and the existing wiring in place. The professionals you hire can provide all this information and more, ensuring that your electrical system upgrade is successful, regardless of how much has to be done. For help with your electrical system upgrade, contact Teague Electric today!

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