Is Getting A Standby Generator A Good Investment?

Is Getting A Standby Generator A Good Investment?

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We believe that purchasing a reliable standby generator for your home is an excellent investment that will protect you from unexpected electrical outages. This is no trivial matter since losing power in the winter can be dangerous. We’ll show you all the reasons to supplement your electrical system with a backup generator.

Why Should You Buy a Standby Generator?

First, let’s explain what we mean by having a backup generator. Teague Electric supplies and installs two types of generators: portable and standby. Both serve an emergency purpose in case you lose power.

There are many reasons to get one for your Kansas City home.

  • They automatically detect power outages and help you ride out a difficult thunderstorm even when your neighbors lose electricity.
  • You can continue running essential electrical items like emergency medical equipment.
  • You won’t lose an entire refrigerator’s worth of food after multiple hours without power.
  • Your sump pump will continue to run, which is a big deal if a rainy thunderstorm threatens to flood your home.
  • Generators help keep everybody calm and less frustrated (especially children).
  • They have automatic switch features, so you won’t have to do any difficult troubleshooting in the dark.

How Does the Installation Process Work?

The installation process usually lasts about two days with about a day of a power outage to configure everything. Generators need to go in your backyard, per Kansas City ordinances. When we visit your home, we’ll need access to both the gas and power lines in order to hook it up properly.

The good news is that once we install it, there’s not much upkeep or maintenance necessary. We recommend periodically inspecting the 15-minute cycling checks the generator makes. One of our electricians can show you how to monitor it, but it’s pretty easy to handle.

For more information on this subject, we refer you to our previous post where Jimmy England explains the home generator installation process in more detail.

Other Important Electrical Upgrades to Consider

Perhaps you already have a fully reinforced electrical system, including backup resources. We have some other suggestions that could help you further bolster your home’s electrical framework.

  1. Panel Upgrades
    There are certain risk factors that make your home more vulnerable to surges and outages. Outdated panels (usually in older homes) are a common culprit. By replacing older equipment, you can reduce the chance of an outage, and make your home safer against shocks and electrical fires.
  2. Lighting Control
    If your home has modern wiring, panels, and a backup generator, then you may be after more energy-efficient lighting. One of our most popular service calls comes from customers wanting more LED lights, which are several times better than halogen or incandescent bulbs for energy savings.
  3. Home Theaters
    Teague Electric also specializes in home entertainment. You won’t believe what it’s possible to do with 3D and 4K projections, not to mention outstanding comprehensive surround sound systems. Once you see what this can do for you, you’ll never need to visit a movie theater again.

In summation, we view these as wise investments that will pay off in the long run. They’re not cheap, but they pay for themselves when you get to enjoy better energy efficiency and peace of mind with fewer safety risks.

Get Your New Standby Generator with Teague Electric

It should come as no surprise that you would want to install your new generator with a professional firm like Teague Electric. Our licensed electricians can help you with any brand of portable or permanent generators. Especially for standby generators, this ensures you won’t run into unexpected trouble like improper wiring.

You can depend on our service workmanship because we have a consistent track record, according to numerous clients throughout Kansas City. We’re also a Kohler-authorized dealer, making us one of the best contractors for installing equipment from this popular manufacturer.

If you want to invest in a new standby generator, then contact us today to find out more.

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