Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Generator

Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Generator

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There is no question that electric generators can be quite handy, especially if you have to go several hours – or longer – without any power. However, it is necessary to ensure this piece of equipment is maintained regularly so it will continue working properly when it is needed. Some tips that will help you maintain your generator throughout the year, to ensure it is ready and able to work as needed, can be found here.

If you are unsure about handling the maintenance yourself, you can always call a professional who can help you with the process.

Have it Serviced Two Times a Year    

Even if you aren’t planning on using your generator very often, you should have it maintained regularly two times a year. There are many people who choose to have this maintenance done on the fall and spring to ensure they have a working generator at all times.

Invest in Regular Maintenance Checks

In between the times you have it checked out by the professionals, you should also inspect your generator to make sure it is still working properly. One of the most crucial checks is the fuel supply. Additionally, take time to look at the spark plugs and see whether or not the lubricating oil is at an appropriate level. If you are worried about anything with these checks, then you need to call the professionals to have the problem checked out.

Start the Generator Often

One of the best ways to ensure your generator is working properly, is to start it every now and then. The majority of newer generators have a feature that is called “exercise mode” which will allow you to schedule these startups while performing an engine check. In most cases, exercise mode is initialized one time a week. This will keep you from having to remember to keep starting the generator while alerting you to any issues that may be present.

In the long run, the best way to help you keep your generator maintained and working properly is to talk to a professional about the maintenance needs of the equipment. Most professional electric services in the area can give you a few more tips about how to maintain your generator and keep it in good, working order. If you run into any issues, you can also contact the professionals to provide the repairs that are needed. This will help ensure that if an emergency situation arises, you are prepared.

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