How to Know If You Need an Electrical Inspection this Fall⁣⁣

How to Know If You Need an Electrical Inspection this Fall⁣⁣

Electrical Inspection this Fall⁣⁣

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It may be a prudent idea to obtain an electrical inspection this fall. It’s a good idea for almost any home or building owner, but especially when your home suffers from obvious electrical hazards.

You may also consider getting an inspection to help diagnose problems that are contributing to energy inefficiency. We’ll devote this quick post to determining whether you would benefit from having Teague Electric look over your property’s electricity.

Reasons to Get an Electrical Inspection this Fall

These are the most pressing concerns that should lead you to obtain an electrical inspection.

  1. You just bought a new house.
    This is required whenever you build a home (for obvious reasons), but it’s also a critical step whenever buying an existing home.
  2. You recently finished extensive remodeling in your home.
    All home remodeling should coincide with a safety inspection. It’s dangerous to remove or adjust wires and major appliances without getting a licensed electrician to review the finished results.
  3. New electrical appliances always require inspection.
    What do we mean by electrical appliances? This covers a long list of items, including new circuit breakers, ceiling fans, interior, and exterior lighting, television mounting, swimming pool lights, and exhaust fans.
  4. Your home is several decades old.
    Any home built before the 90s, especially before the 50s, should undergo an inspection. The wiring was way different in the old days, which means you may have electrical components that are now obsolete.
  5. You’re having serious electrical problems.
    Contact us ASAP if you suspect dangerous conditions like the smell of burnt wires, flickering lights, frequent breaker trips, or if you’ve had a shock.

What Exactly Do We Inspect?

We have a long checklist of items we go through when we perform safety inspections. It includes external features such as lights, outlets, and switches, but then we check the other components some folks take for granted.

We like to make sure buildings have important modern adaptations like GFCIs and AFCIs. Those are circuit interrupters that prevent you from receiving a shock from an appliance when energy use surges. Then we inspect the wiring on your property to make sure nothing is loose, backward, or outdated.

Our electricians will also look at other major components like electrical panels, and breakers, and test the surge protectors. Throughout the process, our goal is to identify and eliminate any potential electrocution hazard.

Electrical Inspection this Fall: What to Ask The Electrician

You should prepare yourself for an inspection by asking your electrician a few important questions. These apply well to both residential and commercial electricians.

  • Do you have all the requisite bonding, licensing, and insurance to do electrical work in Kansas City? Can you show evidence of this?
  • What are your areas of specialization as an electrician?
  • Do you have references or testimonials from previous clients that I can read?

This is a simple step that allows you to weed out potentially ineffective electricians, which exist, unfortunately. If they can’t provide clear and verifiable evidence of their competencies, then you should pursue another option. You can’t afford to entrust electrical safety to amateurs.

Get an Electrical Inspection this Fall with Teague Electric

You can always rely on Teague Electric because our company goes all the way back to the late 1970s and our electricians have combined decades of experience. Since we’ve been at this so long, it means we’ve worked on complex residential and commercial electrical systems even as electrical codes have changed over the years.

We’re also dependable because we have all the training, licensing, and certification to perform any electrical task. Our clients appreciate our services so much that BloggerLocal considers us among the top electricians in Kansas City.

If you need an electrical inspection this fall, or any other time of year, contact Teague Electric soon.

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