How Long Do Home Electrical Panels Last?

How Long Do Home Electrical Panels Last?

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Many of our clients call us wondering how long home electrical panels last. That’s because after a while even the best equipment can deteriorate and malfunction. Whether it’s from outdated gear or your home has outgrown your current system, Teague Electric can help you replace an old panel.

Home Electrical Panels: Typical Life Expectancy

A new electrical panel should last for at least 25 years, barring unusual circumstances. Beyond that, however, you may need a panel upgrade or replacement.

If for no other reason, you might have renovated your home or added new appliances during that time span. Therefore, your home may require more than what’s currently flowing through your panel.

What are the telltale signs you should opt for electrical panel replacement?

Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel

  1. Your home has less than 120 amperage. Many of the larger American homes might even require 150 amps. This is essential if you’re operating high-energy devices like electric car chargers.
  2. The existing panel seems to make strange popping or hissing noises. While a normal “buzzing” sound is normal, other noises are a bad sign. It’s an even bigger problem if you can detect a burning smell coming from your panel.
  3. You’re fed up with all the breaker trips. This normally means your energy consumption has exceeded the panel amperage.
  4. The lights are flickering or dimming for no other discernible reason. There’s always some insufficiency if you notice this other than during a heavy storm.
  5. Your home has faulty wiring. Loose or frayed wires are an enormous safety hazard and will cause your electrical systems to suffer as well. Call Teague Electric for help if you smell or find burnt wires.
  6. You want to remodel your home and add new appliances. Like we said, the newer electric car chargers consume a lot of juice. That’s at least enough reason to have us inspect your home electrical capacity.

What Other Areas of My Home Need Upgrading?

Besides the panel itself, the rest of your electrical system could use some repair or replacement at some point. Here’s a quick checklist of the most important things to monitor:

  • Wiring – This is a bigger problem for older homes with outdated wiring (especially knob and tube). Of course, it could also be an issue if you find wires where the insulation has holes or other damage. It’s important to address faulty wiring because compromised electrical equipment is the leading cause of house fires.
  • Outlets – There are many reasons to upgrade your outlets. You can add more GFCI/AFCI outlets to protect your home against arcs, shocks, and fires. Also, if you ever see scorch marks on any outlets, contact us for help ASAP to change out outlets and wires.
  • Generators – We can help you with any type of generator: standby or portable. Every home needs a backup energy source. Otherwise, you risk having no contingency when a storm hits and knocks out your electricity for three or four days.

Teague Electric: Expert Repair Service for Home Electrical Panels

Teague Electric is at your service for equipment installation and electrical repair services. You never want to risk the integrity of your home with faulty wires, outdated panels, and other fixable issues. We can help you resolve all of those issues for an affordable rate.

Our business enjoys a strong reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our clients regularly praise us with five-star ratings on review websites. We’ll make your home compliant with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all the local codes for areas around Kansas City. That’s part of our total commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for replacement service on your home electrical panels, wiring, generators, or any other electrical equipment.

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