How Long Does It Take to Rewire a House?

How Long Does It Take to Rewire a House?

rewire a house

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Every homeowner at some point considers the health and efficacy of their house’s wiring. It’s a crucial factor affecting the functionality and safety of a home. One frequently asked question in this realm is: “How long does it take to rewire a house?” The answer, however, isn’t straightforward, as multiple factors come into play.

Factors Influencing the Duration of a Rewiring Project

Size and Age of the House

Naturally, the size of a house is a key factor determining the time required for rewiring. A small two-bedroom home will take significantly less time than a sprawling mansion. Additionally, older homes might take longer due to outdated infrastructure and the need to navigate and replace old wiring methods.

Complexity of the Wiring

Homes with intricate wiring systems, such as those with integrated smart home technologies, may take longer. The complexity can arise from multiple power points, lighting fixtures, or specific custom solutions.


Easy access to walls, attics, and crawl spaces can significantly speed up the process. Conversely, homes with limited access might extend the rewiring time as more effort is required to reach the wiring.

Existing Wiring Condition

If the existing wiring is in poor condition or not up to code, more time might be required. This is because old or faulty wiring needs to be completely removed before the new system can be installed.

The Rewiring Process

Understanding the rewiring process can give homeowners a clearer idea of the duration.


Before any rewiring begins, a professional electrician should assess the home. This determines the scope of work and the resources required.

Preparation to Rewire a House

This involves turning off the power, ensuring the safety of the area, and maybe even temporarily relocating the residents if the house is large or the process is expected to take a long time.

Old Wiring Removal

As discussed, homes with damaged or outdated wiring systems might need their old systems removed, adding to the time.

Installation of New Wiring

This is the core step where new wires are installed in place of the old ones.

Inspection and Testing

Post installation, it’s essential to inspect and test the new system to ensure everything is operational and safe.

How Long Does House Rewiring Take?

For a general idea, rewiring a small to medium-sized house could take anywhere from a week to 10 days. Larger homes, or those with complications as mentioned earlier, can extend to 2-3 weeks or more. Always add some buffer time, as unforeseen challenges might arise.

When to Consider Rewiring?

If your house is over 40 years old and hasn’t been rewired in that time, it’s a prime candidate. Other signs include frequent tripping of circuit breakers, dimming lights, overheating outlets, or even a burning smell from switches or outlets.


Rewiring is a vital aspect of home maintenance, ensuring both the functionality and safety of your living space. While the duration can vary significantly based on various factors, a clear understanding and planning can make the process smoother.

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