How to Spot Electrical Wiring Problems in Your Home

How to Spot Electrical Wiring Problems in Your Home

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Today, we want to focus on detecting electrical wiring problems in your home. These are the issues that pose significant safety hazards if you don’t find them or ignore them for too long.

They’re more common in older Kansas City homes, but you may notice a few deficiencies even in modern dwellings. Here are the most common wiring problems and how to address them.

Three of the Most Common Electrical Wiring Problems

  1. You Get Way Too Many Breaker Trips
    • Breakers trip for different reasons, but sometimes it happens after the energy volume overloads the safety capacity. If the trips are infrequent, possibly from running a vacuum cleaner or some other temporary task, then you can switch the breaker back with no problem. However, you may need our help if it happens frequently with no rhyme or reason.
  2. The Lights are Flickering Often
    • Flickering lights isn’t a trivial matter. While it may occur because of a dying light bulb or from heavy usage, it can be a more chronic issue as well. Sometimes older homes with lots of modern appliances cannot withstand the electrical demand, meaning you may need to upgrade your panels or wiring.
  3. Multiple Outlets are Hot and You Smell Burning
    • It’s not safe to ignore hot outlets, especially if you notice scorch marks or a burning smell. This can result from several different problems (see the section about GFCIs). Another issue could be burnt wiring itself, a very dangerous problem if the insulation becomes worn or damaged. Contact Teague Electric for help if you notice anything like this.

Other Serious Electrical Wiring Problems

Then there are a few other electrical issues that may require your attention.

  • Skyrocketing Power Bills – Yes, your high energy bill might result from faulty wiring or circuitry. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the problem stems from wiring, electrical systems leaking, or a problem with specific devices. For more on this topic, check out our previous post on how to reduce energy usage with just a few tweaks and modest electrical upgrades.
  • Insufficient Grounding – Does your home have enough Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to satisfy the Kansas City electrical code? If not, you may be at a greater risk for shocks or even a fire. While this might not be a “wiring” issue per se, it’s every bit as serious.
  • Light Switches Not Working – If you ever try to “DIY’ install a light switch, it’s possible to get the wiring backwards. This is one of many reasons homeowners should never attempt their own wiring.

What to do About Wiring Issues in Your Home?

These problems are easy to fix if you hire a trained electrician like the ones from Teague Electric. We help KC clients rewire their homes, add additional breaker capacity, and address other electrical shortcomings. You don’t have to settle for dimming lights, frequent surges, excessive breaker trips, or any of these common calamities when you trust us with your electrical work.

Teague Electric Can Help Resolve All Electrical Problems

The best part about us is that we’ve seen it all and can remedy any electrical problem in your home or for your commercial business. Plus, we receive great feedback from our customers all over the metro area. That’s the main reason we’ve been in business since 1978 – a steadfast record of 100% customer satisfaction.

Our business receives a full A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) along with numerous endorsements from online rating firms like BloggerLocal. Finally, you can verify this for yourself by looking through our positive customer reviews on Google Reviews or GuildQuality.

If you need help troubleshooting serious electrical wiring problems, then contact Teague Electric today for prompt service in Kansas City.

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