How To Choose The Right Outdoor Patio Lighting

How To Choose The Right Outdoor Patio Lighting⁣⁣

outdoor patio lighting

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Are you ready to spruce up your backyard with some wonderful outdoor patio lighting? We’re happy to help you do so, but we must first determine the best light fixtures to match your home. This is not an impossible task if you follow this handy guide to make your selections.

Excellent Ideas

  1. Path Lighting
    This is a fun place to start because your lawn paths, sidewalks, and outdoor stairways often lead toward your patio. You can accomplish this easily with LED lights or low-wattage bulbs (12 to 15 volts). Solar lights are a common way to do this, too.
  2. Lanterns
    Lanterns are the quintessential way to beautify your outdoor surroundings. These classical fixtures come in so many styles, don’t produce glare, and you can match them well with farm-style homes.
  3. Deck Lighting
    How about the deck itself? We recommend lighting the edges of your deck with medium or high-wattage lights. You walk around this area often, so you don’t want to risk tripping in the dark.
  4. Outdoor Wall Lighting
    Indirect lighting sources like sconces are great for outdoor patio lights. They illuminate the area without producing glare or overwhelming anyone. These are the ones you can mount underneath outdoor ceilings, along the siding, or around stairway posts.

More Outdoor Lighting Opportunities

Teague Electric spends a lot of time doing both indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades. For outdoor lighting, this usually involves four target areas: porches/patios, security lighting, landscape lighting, and luxury lighting. We’ve discussed the patio options, but you may also wish to incorporate new lights for security and luxury purposes.

Don’t Forget That Your Patio Hot Tub Needs Lighting Too

We find many homeowners enjoy throwing lavish backyard patio parties that also involve swimming pools and hot tubs. As you can probably guess, these need lighting as well if you intend to use them in the evening (and who wouldn’t?).

This is a fantastic idea, but please don’t do this on your home without calling a licensed electrician to help you with wire installation. Water and electricity are guaranteed hazards if you don’t let a professional assemble everything in compliance with Kansas City building codes. Once you do that, however, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having a safe, well-lit, and luxurious pool-and-patio combination for years to come.

Some Other Creative Lighting Ideas That Are Currently Popular

Perhaps you have adequate patio lighting and would prefer to focus on interior upgrades. We can help with that as well. You may recall our earlier post on creative lighting ideas to consider for 2022. These are what we see other Kansas City homeowners doing to make their homes even more modern and beautiful.

  • Smart Lighting
    Do you ever feel you don’t have enough control over your heating, air conditioning, and lights? Did you know you can synchronize all of those components (and more) together through the use of smart technology? Yes, and many homeowners do it to save power and light their homes.
  • LED Lights
    LED lights look spectacular indoors and outdoors, and they consume way less electricity than incandescent bulbs. They now have more color and design variation than ever.
  • Cabinet Lighting
    Don’t resign yourself to struggling with dark cabinets. Cabinet lighting makes it so much easier to find Tupperware and perform routine kitchen tasks.

Teague Electric: Your Best Friend for Outdoor Patio Lighting Installation in KC

Teague Electric offers outstanding installation services for patio lights, indoor lighting, and more. Since putting in new lights is both tricky and a potential safety hazard, we recommend working with one of our licensed electricians. They’ll do the job right the first time.

Feel free to browse through our customer testimonials to see what other KC homeowners think about us. Our work receives consistent five-star reviews.

We can help you get the ball rolling on your next outdoor patio lighting project when you contact us for top-notch service today.

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