Importance of Having Outdoor Security Lighting Installed

Importance of Having Outdoor Security Lighting Installed

Outdoor Security Lighting

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Having outdoor security lighting installed helps your home in many ways. The biggest advantage, by far, is that security lights outdoors make burglars think twice about trying to break in. You’ll feel safer; there will be fewer places an intruder might pick to hide in, and the right system may also feature motion detection.

One of the things you’ll need to do is find a balance between being well-lit and attracting the wrong attention. You’ll also want to avoid light pollution that your neighbors may not appreciate. We’ll take a closer look at your options for outdoor security lights.

What Are the Top Reasons for Having Outdoor Security Lighting Installed

A primary reason for installing outdoor security lights is to discourage trespassers, although there are two other important reasons. One of these is to provide safer navigation through your yard after dark. The other is to give your home a more inviting appearance.

Intruders are more likely to look for houses that appear unoccupied. With an increase in the number of products that allow automation, you can give the impression of your home being occupied whenever you’re out. If a potential burglar thinks your home will be difficult to break into because of someone’s home, they might think twice!

What Types of Lights Are the Best for Home Security?

One of the best things about having outdoor security lighting installed is how many options you have. Although some types of lighting are intended for certain areas, several lighting types are versatile enough for almost any location. Some of these include:

  • Floodlights – perfect for bigger spaces, like patios, backyards, and driveways. One of the most helpful features of these lights is having one to three heads you can adjust.
  • Path lighting – ideal for flowerbeds, walkways, garden paths, and staircases or ramps. These lighting options help keep the more high-traffic areas of your yard safer.
  • Post and roadway luminaries – an excellent choice for your driveway and sidewalks. Besides performing an important security function, these lights make your home look inviting and easier to find.
  • Surface-mounted lights – perfect for perimeter and entry areas of your home. A significant advantage that these lights offer is also serving a decorative purpose.

Determining Your Placement When Having Outdoor Security Lighting Installed

One of the things that you’ll benefit from is taking note of where any valuable items are that you don’t want to be stolen. Lock up anything small enough to attract thieves that you don’t need to be left out. It’s helpful to look at your yard and driveway to identify anything requiring attention a few times a week.

It’s good to take advantage of alerts for your neighborhood about break-ins and similar activity. You also won’t go wrong by having a neighbor or two you can trust to watch things when you’re away. Another helpful thing to do is consider joining a neighborhood watch group or going to neighborhood meetings.

An important consideration is making sure your lights don’t obstruct drivers’ views of traffic signals. Your yard should have enough light, but the glare shouldn’t affect other houses. If your lighting causes problems for your neighbors, you may have more problems to think about.

What Type of Maintenance Do Outdoor Security Lights Require?

Maintaining your lights is important to keep them in good repair and useful. Replacing burnt-out bulbs, repairing broken fixtures, and replacing electrical components, as needed, are just the start. Other tasks include:

  • Cleaning the fixtures
  • Pruning tree branches to prevent interference
  • Removing graffiti or similar vandalism signs

Outdoor security lights can make your home and yard more secure. If you’re sold on the benefits of having outdoor security lighting installed, contact us today to learn more.

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