Kohler vs Generac: Which Home Generator is Better?

Kohler vs Generac: Which Home Generator is Better?

kohler vs generac

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When it comes to choosing a home generator, homeowners often find themselves comparing Kohler vs Generac, two leading brands in the industry. Both offer unique benefits, but which one is the better choice for your needs? This post aims to guide you through a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Kohler and Generac Generators

Both Kohler and Generac generators are well-regarded for their reliability and performance. Generac generators are known for their Quiet-Test™ low-speed mode, which makes them significantly quieter than many competitors. They also offer advanced technological features such as a multilingual LCD display and free remote monitoring through Mobile Link™, allowing users to monitor their generators via smartphones or tablets.

On the other hand, Kohler generators boast a long history of quality and reliability, having been in the business for over a century. Kohler is recognized for its quick start capabilities thanks to the Powerboost™ technology and includes the OnCue Plus Generator Management System for remote monitoring, although this comes at an additional cost.

Comparing Features: What Stands Out?

Engine and Performance

Kohler generators are equipped with the Kohler Command PRO OHV engine, known for its robust performance and durability, often used in commercial power settings but adapted for residential use. Generac counters with its G-Force Engine, noted for requiring less routine maintenance and being built to handle rigorous use.

Technology and Ease of Use

Generac takes the lead in technological advancements with features like their user-friendly LCD displays and the inclusion of Mobile Link™ for remote monitoring without extra charges. Kohler, while offering similar tech through its OnCue Plus system, generally incurs additional costs for these services.

Warranty and Support

Both brands offer substantial warranties and customer support, though specifics can vary based on the model and configuration of the generator. It’s typical for both brands to offer a standard five-year warranty, with certain models or promotional offers possibly extending this coverage.

Making the Right Choice for Your Home

The decision between Kohler vs Generac should consider several factors:

  • Noise Levels: If a quiet operation is a priority, Generac might be the better choice due to its quieter performance in tests.
  • Technological Needs: For those who value advanced technology and remote monitoring capabilities, Generac offers a slight edge with its inclusive Mobile Link™ service.
  • Budget and Extras: Consider the overall cost, not just the purchase price but also installation and any additional features like remote monitoring systems.

In Summary

Choosing between Kohler and Generac for your home generator involves considering performance, technology, noise level, and customer service. Both brands deliver high-quality generators suited for various needs. Generac is known for quieter operation and technological innovation, while Kohler excels in robust engineering and reliability.

If you need more detailed advice tailored to your specific home setup or have other questions, please feel free to contact us. Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting the best power backup solution for your home.

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