Arlin Saville - Teague Electric

Arlin has his father-in-law to thank for his history with Teague. In fact, it was his father-in-law who initially introduced him to Harold Teague, and shortly after that meeting, Arlin began working as a residential apprentice for the company. He enjoyed the many challenges of learning the craft, becoming an electrician and eventually running projects. He still enjoys being able to complete projects on time and under budget.

The electrical field is especially appealing to Arlin because it is continually moving forward and helping to make life better and simpler. He appreciates the constant innovation and merging technologies that make it possible to keep up with today’s mobile society and lifestyle. While Arlin doesn’t claim to have a single favorite style of work, he does enjoy learning about the new innovations in this industry.

Free time for Arlin is spent boating and with family or playing a friendly game of golf (where keeping score is optional!). He believes that Kansas City is a great place to live, work and play and loves the amazing people in this city. Coming in a close second is the delicious barbecue offered in the region, which in his opinion, is the best in the entire nation.