Dave Saunders - Teague Electric

Dave has been involved with Teague Electric for most of his life. As a child, he spent quite a bit of time at the shop while both of his parents worked for Teague. From age 13, Dave was working stocking shelves at Teague during his school breaks and actually started working on electrical projects at the age of 15 with some of Teague’s master electricians.  Through the years, Dave worked on residential projects, commercial projects, and street lighting projects to learn all aspects of the business. Eventually, he obtained his own Master Electrician license and returned to residential, becoming Head of the Department.

During his work, Dave enjoys meeting customers and developing lighting layouts that help to add the “wow” factor to the final feel of their homes. Being able to provide solutions for a homeowner is a great feeling, and he enjoys being a part of creating their ideal home for working, entertaining or just hanging out with family and friends.

His favorite project involves working on the Veterans Community Project, which is an ongoing event that is near and dear to all of Teague Employees. Dave has also had the opportunity to work on countless homes all around the Kansas City area and has been a part of many large wiring projects, worked on tiny homes and mansions, and helped with electrical projects of all types and sizes.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys being outside with his wife Amy, and their three wonderful kids. Together they enjoy going to the lake, fishing and hunting. He doesn’t have just one favorite thing about Kansas City, because he loves it all and looks forward to cheering on the Chiefs and Royals every year.