Jarrett Sierks - Teague Electric

Paul Saunders tried diligently to recruit Jarrett to come and work for Teague, and in 2008, his efforts were finally successful. Since being hired 10 years ago, Jarrett has worked in almost every department within the company.

He enjoys being able to see everything come to life when an electrical project is complete. While Jarrett has worked in homes and buildings for many years, his favorite type of work is underground electrical projects. He enjoys running equipment and excavating to prepare a site for installation of electrical infrastructure, such as fiber optics, traffic signals, or street lighting for public roads or neighborhoods.

When Jarrett isn’t working, he loves spending time with his triplets at one of their events, or spending time hunting, at the lake, fishing or playing golf. He loves Kansas City because he believes there is truly something for everyone, regardless of what their hobbies or passion may be.