STEPHEN EDWARDS - Teague Electric

Stephen got into the AV industry when he was young, after his father purchased his first 5.1 surround sound system. He became enthralled with all the imaging, sound, connections and cables that were used to produce the sound and images, and how advanced the system was for the times. Ever since Stephen saw his first hi-def TV, his passion has been in electronics and audio/video work.

His career in the industry began after he helped a friend hang their TV for the first time. After that, he continued studying in the industry, helping customers install TVs, universal remotes, surround sound systems and more. His passion is still electronics and the many innovations seen in the industry year after year. He loves the fact that his job, along with the technology are ever-changing.

Something he especially enjoys about AV work is the fact that he has the opportunity to design custom solutions for every customer to ensure they can provide a product that is usable in their office or home. The best part of the job for Stephen is to watch customers reactions when the installation is complete.

While each project is unique and interesting in its own way, Stephen’s favorite projects involve the installation of a fully integrated home – including HVAC, lighting, audio, video and more. This is the type of project that helps to truly showcase all that Teague iCtrl and home automation have to offer. It’s exciting for him and his customers to see how one button can lock the doors, turn off the TVs and dim the lights.

When it comes to hobbies, Stephen loves to get away and escape to the golf course. The warmth of the Kansas City sun, being able to spend time with family and friends and hitting the ball down the fairway make his life much more enjoyable. He believes one of the best things about Kansas City is the amazing midwestern hospitality. He has met countless individuals and families through his work, and truly believe that some of the best people live right in KC.