TONY HATLER - Teague Electric

Tony owes his career in the electrical field to a high school job fair. While his initial goal was to become a carpenter, after being interviewed by Paul Saunders, he was convinced to go for a career as an electrician – that was in 1997.

His favorite part of his job is the ability to put the “finishing” touches on a job and see everything come together. Tony enjoys working as part of a team to develop relationships and solutions, as well as, seeing jobs he is part of come to fruition. He feels a sense of pride when someone tells him his work looks great and works hard to replicate the same results on future projects.

Tony is a husband and father of three who spends most of his free-time with these four-special people. In addition to being a father, he enjoys gardening, smoking meat, being outside and spending time on his deck with some music on. In his eyes, Kansas City is a great place to live and he loves the seasons and atmosphere of the town.