Protect Your Electrical System Investment With Proper Maintenance

Protect Your Electrical System Investment With Proper Maintenance – Teague’s Commercial Service Team Can Help!

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A common and regrettable mistake made after new construction is to forget about maintenance. This goes for all components of commercial construction, but it’s particularly frequent with electrical systems. Proper maintenance is critically important to your system’s performance and longevity.

Maintaining your electrical system is going to save you money over time. And you’ll be better protected against untimely system failures, which can be disastrous for your business.

Teague Electric has a dedicated commercial service team that’s built a reputation for timely, professional and affordable service with no excuses offered. Teague has been the area leader in quality workmanship for more than 40 years.

While you might know the Teague name for installation services, we are also available for any service needs that arise after that installation. Even if the installation was not done by Teague, our commercial service team can provide you with stress-free maintenance.

Electrical Repairs

It doesn’t take much for an electrical issue to become an emergency. If small issues are ignored – things like flickering lights, tripping breakers, strange smells, etc. – the problem could lead to a devastating outcome.

Even if system failures don’t lead to a fire or other property damage or loss, consider the consequences to your business if you were to lose power for an extended period of time.

To avoid these scenarios, contact Teague. We’ll come to your property, evaluate the problem and make repairs in a timely manner.

Better yet, we’ll work with you to establish a service schedule so that you can reduce the chances for future consequences through some proactive maintenance.

Component Replacement

Everything has a lifespan. Electrical components are no different. Outlets, circuit breakers and light switches all need to be replaced from time to time. When those needs arise, Teague’s commercial service team can help.

Your business and properties rely on a safely working electrical system. If a component quits doing its job, your staff may not be able to do their jobs.

Call Teague right away in these situations. We’ll replace the offending component, restoring productivity to your commercial building.

And again, to avoid having to be reactionary in these situations, consider a maintenance schedule. Teague can help.

Ongoing Maintenance

You probably understand that you need to have your commercial building’s roof maintained. Or that you need to change the oil in any of your company vehicles. But for whatever reason, commercial property owners tend to forget about maintaining their buildings’ electrical systems.

The good news? We can help you remember. We strongly recommend that you consider a maintenance schedule. Doing so can save you so much money, time and stress.

You can contact our office to schedule regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that all of your electrical components are working properly and safely. The peace of mind you’ll gain far exceeds the low cost of our services.

New Commercial Work in Existing Buildings

Our team also does new commercial work in existing buildings. If you have a commercial space that needs new electrical work don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team has the experience and skill needed for this type of work.

Work With the Best

When you work with Teague Electric, you’re working with experienced professionals. Whether we did the installation or not, we’re available to keep your electrical system operating at its highest level.

Our commercial fleet of trucks and equipment are well stocked with tools and experienced operators to ensure your project progresses smoothly, safely and with minimal disruption.

For your commercial electrical service and maintenance needs, contact the Teague commercial service team.

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