Reasons To Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting This Fall⁣⁣

Reasons To Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting This Fall⁣⁣

Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting

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If you want to boost home curb appeal, then this might be the best time to install Kansas City landscape lighting. Many homeowners ask us about this because it’s one the most effective ways to enhance any outdoor setting. Let’s find out why that is.

Reasons to Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting

  1. It promotes better safety and security for your property.
  2. You can use landscape lighting to draw attention to focal points along your house or in your yard. If, for example, you have a magnificent tree or foliage, a solid profile light can showcase it even in the dark. This has also become a popular way to illuminate Halloween displays during the fall.
  3. Landscape lighting helps increase curb appeal just like adding beautiful new windows or doors.
  4. You can choose light fixtures that will work well all year, during any season.
  5. Some data shows you can increase home value by about 20% with exterior lighting. Also, insurance companies often give more favorable rates to homes and businesses that use perimeter lighting for security. That’s because it’s a proven method for deterring burglary.

Other Benefits to Landscape Lighting

Along with enhancing your home’s aesthetics, landscape lighting is also more eco-friendly than in the past. This means you can use it without accumulating a lofty power bill, especially during the tough summer or winter months. That’s something to keep in mind when you ponder how you want to put together your outdoor Christmas lighting this year.

Don’t forget that outdoor lighting is pretty much obligatory if you want to invite friends over for backyard cookouts or parties. You can’t enjoy those events as much in the evening without excellent lighting.

Best Examples of Reliable Outdoor Lighting

We’d like to further emphasize the importance of having outdoor security for your Kansas City home. You can do this in so many ways to shine some light on every facet of the front, back, and sides of your home. What are the best ways to guarantee the best outdoor illumination?

Popular Outdoor Light Styles

  • Surface-Mounted Lights
    There are dozens of styles, but surface-mounted lights are the ones that you can fix to the side of a wall, underneath a portico, or around a patio or porch. Some homeowners elect to make this more indirect (like sconce lights). However, you can make them as bright or subdued as you prefer.
  • Post and Roadway Lights
    Do you have trouble seeing when you pull your car into the driveway at night? Well-positioned roadway lights can address this problem. Also, if you invite visitors to your house in the evening, this makes your property much more inviting.
  • Path Lighting
    Paths can include many exterior components such as sidewalks, gardens, or wheelchair ramps. As a matter of fact, all handicap-accessible ramps and stairways should include light fixtures as an important safety precaution.
  • Flood Lights
    These are the ones you want when you intend to provide lighting on larger areas. Most flood light fixtures have multiple heads, allowing you to cast light in multiple directions if you have a larger backyard or patio area.

Install Kansas City Landscape Lighting with Teague Electric

Teague Electric should be your first choice for any electrical installation project. We cover exterior lighting installation for both homes and commercial buildings. In addition, we serve KC customers with panel upgrades, wire service, safety inspections, home theater installation, and much more.

Since there’s such an extensive variety of outdoor lighting choices, we encourage you to take your time and research everything before reaching a decision. After you’ve done so, we’d be happy to show why we’re one of the top-rated electrical companies, according to business ranking firms like Angie’s List and BloggerLocal.

Contact Teague Electric soon to install Kansas City landscape lighting and transform the quality of your outdoor ambiance.

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