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Reasons Your Electrical Outlets Aren’t Working

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Most people don’t have the faintest clue why their electrical outlets aren’t working. As a result, when a plug stops functioning, homeowners frequently have trouble pinpointing the issue. The majority of homeowners have damaged outlets regularly. Thankfully, typical broken outlet issues may be resolved with the assistance of a professional. Keep on reading to find out what the common reasons are why your electrical outlets aren’t working.

The Most Common Reasons Why Your Electrical Outlets Aren’t Working

1. A tripped circuit breaker

Circuit breakers control the energy going to every room in your household. Circuit breakers are preset current limiting devices, designed to “trip” or cut off if there is too much electrical load applied to the branch circuit it controls. This function prevents the circuit and devices connected to it from overheating, preventing severe damage and fires. If multiple outlets/lights are not working, there is a good chance the breaker has tripped to protect the integrity of the circuit. The tripped breaker will look to be in the middle of the “on” and “off” positions. First, look around the affected area to make sure there are no obvious issues or heavy loads being used where they should not be. Next, try turning tripped breaker to the “off” position, then back to the “on” position. This will perform the re-set and hopefully restore your faulty outlet(s). Hint: If the breaker quickly snaps back to the tripped position DO NOT keep trying to re-set it, your breaker is telling you there is an issue within the circuit that needs addressing first and repeated attempts could be causing more damage. Call Teague right away for an evaluation.

2. You have an old outlet

Like most items, outlets are wear items, they contain mechanical moving parts to maintain tight connections to your plug in appliances. You’ll be happy to learn that changing the outlet with a fresh one will fix the issue and is relatively easy to set up, although expert installation is still required. DIY electrical work is generally never a great idea since there are many other factors and far too many opportunities for errors, mistakes that may even prove fatal.

3) You have a tripped GFCI breaker

The ground fault circuit interrupter automatically shuts off when it detects an electrical leakage. To prevent electrical shock, GFCI outlets are required in spaces such as exterior areas, unfinished areas, Bathrooms, and most importantly any areas near water. These areas include the kitchen and Bathrooms. The GFCI controls are in the front center of the device, typically labeled “test” and “re-set” to help you identify them. If the circuit breaker isn’t tripped, and your GFCI outlet still isn’t functional, the outlet itself may have been tripped. Simply firm press the “re-set” button on the front of the device until it clicks. This will, in most cases, restore power to the device. Tip: A single GFCI device can control multiple standard outlets on its load side. If outlets outside, in Bathrooms or Garages are not working they can be controlled by that one GFCI device…find it, re-set it and voila!

4) You have burnt out outlets

Occasionally, outlets will simply burn out. Intense loads can cause additional heat, resulting in high resistance and poor connections. If an outlet exhibits any discoloration, strange smells, or intermittent power losses the whole outlet must be replaced. Burned-out outlets provide a significant fire hazard and should be repaired as soon as possible.

5) Your outlet has a bad connection

It’s possible that your outlet has a poor or loose connection, causing it to stop functioning. The electrical box behind your outlet(s) contains several connections that may need to be checked. The signs of a poor connection are nearly comparable to those of burnt outlets, sometimes the load applied to the outlet will progress the problem. The challenge in diagnosing the problem without the assistance of an electrical expert is also consistent.

Are Your Electrical Outlets Aren’t Working? Let Teague Electric Help!

Electricity is extremely hazardous, so if you’re not sure you can safely investigate and find out why your electrical outlets aren’t working, you must call a licensed professional like the ones at Teague Electric! Our personnel have many years of experience and expertise in assisting those with complex electrical problems. We’d be happy to assist you in keeping your family safe from potentially deadly electrical risks. Visit today to learn more.

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