Kansas City Commercial Security & Home Security Systems

Kansas City Commercial Security

Securing your commercial building is so much more than locking the doors and installing a burglar alarm system. Today’s security systems let you control and monitor who enters and exits your building and allow you to see your facility from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

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Kansas City Home Security Systems

Access Control

Electronic access control is a great way to reduce the costs of rekeying locks after an employee is terminated or a key is lost. Additionally, it allows you to control who can go where, and when, in your facility. Have sensitive areas that you want to limit to designated individuals? With an electronic access control, you can determine that public areas of your building are open and unlocked during business hours while requiring something as simple as a card swipe or as sophisticated as a biometric finger read to enter ultra-secure areas of your building. The professionals at Teague have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your access control system complies with fire codes and still ensures the safety of your facility.

Digital Video Surveillance

Why wonder what is happening in your commercial facility when you can see for yourself? With digital video surveillance systems, you can view video over your phone, tablet or computer from anywhere with an Internet connection. Digital video surveillance has advanced from tape systems to video being stored on network devices or even in the cloud. This improves the ability to view specific time periods or events without wading through hours of uneventful video.

Burglar Systems

Sometimes the best deterrent to a break-in is simply having a security system installed and promoted in your commercial building.

Intercom and Overhead Paging Systems

Overhead paging and intercom systems help you get your message out in a professional, easy to hear manner. Teague has experience in installing and wiring paging systems and intercoms for:

  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency Alert Systems
  • Nursing Homes

No matter what challenge you are facing on the security front, you can count on the experts at Teague to provide you with the solution that fits your requirements and budget – and we guarantee that it will be installed correctly on-time, the first-time.

Fire and Security

Technology has improved dramatically over the past decade to allow us to control and monitor our homes more closely with home security systems, used to protect them from a variety of threats. No matter what you are trying to protect your family from, the experts at Teague Security can help give you the information you need to make an educated decision about the best home security system for your needs.


Kansas City Home Security Systems

Security Systems

Home security can be much more than turning on your burglar alarm system at night or when you leave the house. With today’s technology, you can arm and disarm your system and even monitor activity in your home remotely, from your phone or tablet. The security experts at Teague can install a new security system or update your existing hardware so that you can take advantage of these new features.

Security Cameras

Now you can really see that your family is safe and secure with home security cameras available from Teague Security. Our expert security professionals can help you choose from the wide variety of options that exist when it comes to video surveillance. From night vision to motion-activated and everything in between, let the professionals at Teague Security increase the level of security in your home with custom-tailored home security system solutions.

Fire Safety

Home security entails more than surveillance systems and burglar alarms. Take fire safety for example. When is the last time you had your smoke detectors tested? Do you have one in every room in your home? Are you changing the batteries on a regular basis? The security experts at Teague can help you sleep better at night with a security inspection of your fire safety devices to ensure your smoke detectors are properly installed and functioning correctly. We can also integrate your smoke detectors with your security system for a complete monitoring solution.

Home Automation

Tie all your monitoring and security systems together with a home automation system from Teague Security. Control your thermostat, video surveillance, lights, door locks, and even the power to your appliances from anywhere you can access the Internet with this centralized control hub. To learn how we can enhance your home security measures with a comprehensive system, contact our Lenexa, KS-based establishment by calling (913) 529-4600.

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