Signs You Need To Repair Your Standby Generator

Signs You Need To Repair Your Standby Generator

repair your standby generator

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Standby generators are critical for your comfort and safety during a power outage. It would be best if you got your generator routinely maintained so that you can ensure your security during a blackout. In this article, we’ll list down the signs you need to repair your standby generator.

There are multiple signs that a repair is necessary for your generator. Replacing a generator is much more expensive than minor repairs, so it is crucial that you notice these signs early before you are unable to repair the generator.

Visible Damage To The Standby Generator

If your generator’s enclosure is damaged, then you need to inspect the severity of the damage. Suppose there appear to be more severe issues than a crack in the enclosure. In that case, you should consider calling for a maintenance check.

Additionally, if there are any wires or other electrical components that appear to be incorrectly connected, loosened, frayed or any further damage caused by a rodent, you must call a professional.

Fluid Leaks and Other Noises

If you have a fluid leak, you will likely smell it before you see it. Oil, coolant, and fuel leaks tend to have a peculiar smell. If water is nearby, these substances will leave a colored film on the pooled water.

If you suspect a fuel leak, be sure to look for any cracks, teasers, and punctures in all fuel lines, hoses, and fuel storage tanks. Even if you do not suspect a leak, you should check these areas for wear and tear so as to not leak substances into the generator or environment.

Unusual smells are not the only concern when it comes to a generator. If you notice strange noises that appear when the generator is on, it could be a mechanical or electrical issue. Just because the system is still working at the current moment, the problem could cause more damage and not work in the future.

Fix the problem before it ruins your system and causes a more significant and expensive issue.

Slow Starts or Power Supply

It would be best to run your generator for 30 minutes each week to check for any suspicious activity, including a slow start, lower power flow, oil levels, or the system not working.

If your generator does not initiate operation instantly, within one or two seconds, then you should call for maintenance. Additionally, if the generator does not deliver consistent power flow or has a lower flow of power than previously, you should take action before it worsens.

A slow start could be due to an engine or battery problem, a clogged fuel valve or carburetor, a faulty spark plug, or a low oil level. A master phase selector switch that has been damaged or problems with your circuit breaker or electrical panel could restrict the flow of power allowed through the system.

No matter the issue, you will want to get the problem fixed before the generator is needed during a power outage.

Battery Charge Issues

Your generator’s battery should be able to hold a charge. So, if the battery consistently has low power or does not stay charged, this is another sign that the battery needs to be repaired or replaced.

The first thing to check is the age of your battery. Generator batteries tend to last only three years, so you may need a new one. If you have noticed this, you should check for signs of corrosion and use a voltmeter to verify the voltage.

System Alerts

If you have a newer generator, then it will probably initiate weekly tests automatically and provide you with the analyses of a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of the system. If an alert is in the reports, you must act quickly to address the issue.

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