Teague’s Commercial Team Step-by-Step Approach

Sticking to a Schedule: Teague’s Commercial Team Has a Step-by-Step Approach To Completing Your Project on Time

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Among the reasons Teague Electric has been the area’s leader in timely service and quality for more than 40 years, is because we have a commercial electrician team with an organized process that allows your project to hit its deadlines.

When dealing with some contractors or commercial teams, you’re likely to run into a lot of guessing as to how long certain parts of a project may take. That usually boils down to inexperience or inefficiency.

At Teague, we’ve gone through hundreds of commercial projects. And in doing so, we’ve refined our process so that each individual step of the project is identified, accounted for and scheduled.

Our plan is broken down into the following categories:

      1. Relationship development
      2. The bidding process
      3. Negotiation and agreement on costs
      4. Awarding of the project
      5. Project management
      6. Punch list process
      7. Project completion

    Remove the guesswork from your commercial electrical project. Work with the professionals at Teague Electric, and everything will be spelled out for you ahead of time.

    Relationship Development

    It’s important to us that we establish an actual connection with our customers. We want both parties to feel comfortable with each other’s personalities and preferences. We pride ourselves on earning trust, and that begins with building a solid relationship with the general contractor or owner.

    The Bidding Process

    Our commercial team will submit a professional and thorough bid. We’ll be fair with our pricing and we’ll be willing to justify every line item.

    We want our bidding process to be as transparent to our customers as possible. We invite questions and scrutiny. We’re willing to explain every item, and we’re open to exploring alternative plans if that’s what the general contractor or owner chooses.

    Negotiation and Agreement on Costs

    Occasionally, there’s some wiggle room on certain costs. Or often there are alternative ideas for a project that might help to reduce costs. We’ll explore all of those options with the general contractor or owner to make sure that everyone is comfortable with and in agreement with the project cost.

    Awarding of the Project

    Finally, it comes down to the general contractor or owner making a decision on who is going to be doing the commercial electrical work. We understand that you may choose to work with a different company. We’ll respect all decisions.

    Project Management

    This is our bread and butter. This is where the professionalism of the Teague approach coupled with the unmatched level of experienced workmanship really pays off. The project management is what separates the pretenders who don’t deliver on time or budget from the pros.

    When you work with Teague, you’ll have a dedicated and accessible project manager who will communicate with you throughout the project. We don’t want surprises anymore than you do. The way to avoid them is to stay in constant communication as everything unfolds.

    Punch List Process

    The job’s not done until all of the items that were identified and agreed upon at the beginning are completed. We’ll do a thorough inspection and walk-around with the general contractor or owner to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the work.

    Project Completion

    When you work with Teague, the project completion will happen as scheduled. There should not be any surprises on the day of project completion.

    Remember, Teague has a dedicated service commercial team available for the ongoing maintenance that any electrical system is going to require. We can develop for you a maintenance schedule that will best protect your investment and provide you with overall savings.

    Teague can provide a stress-free, start-to-finish solution for your commercial electrical project.

    To get it done right the first time, contact Teague Electric.

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