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Why You Should Hire A Professional Lighting Designer

There are several outstanding benefits to hiring a professional lighting designer to optimize interior/exterior luminosity. This is the smartest way to configure the perfect combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting. It’s a service Teague Electric offers for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Of course, electric work is technical and difficult, so it’s smart to […]

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Entry Light?

Many Kansas City homeowners like to optimize their exterior premises with enhancements such as outdoor entry light. It’s a terrific way to make your home safer, more inviting, and more appealing all at once. This encompasses everything from the lighting around your front door, front porch, and even the back patio. Check out these awesome […]

Why Does My Generator Keep Shutting Off?

Why does my generator keep shutting off all the time? That’s a common refrain from homeowners who may not have enough electrical capacity to power their home consistently. This can happen for a variety of reasons, which we’d like to discuss in this post. Fortunately, Teague Electric can help you address this problem and experience […]

How To Choose The Right Size Generator For Your Home

Do you know how to select the right size generator for your home in Kansas City? If a generator is too small, you won’t have enough power, but it’s also possible to overspend for more capacity than you need. Let’s check out some ways you can nail down the right home generator size. What is […]

How Long Does A Standby Generator Last?

A standby generator can last several years, which is itself a great reason to have one. Teague Electric helps folks install both portable and permanent generators, but here we’d like to focus on the life expectancy of the latter. We’ll also show you a few warning signs that you may need to replace an older […]

Should I Purchase A Standby Generator or a Portable Generator?

Now it’s time to discuss the advantages of selecting either a standby generator or portable generator to protect your home against power outages. This is an important consideration if you want to keep the lights running, but aren’t sure which is most appropriate for your specific needs. Here’s what you need to know about home […]

Why Does My Outlet Spark When I Plug In A Device?

Why does my outlet spark when I plug something into it? Consistent outlet sparking is not something you should ignore. It’s time to investigate the common reasons this happens . . . and offer solutions. Why Does My Outlet Spark? Common Causes Moisture Water can be the most dangerous thing around insufficient electrical outlets. If […]

How Often Should I Have My Wiring Inspected?

How often should residential homeowners get their wiring inspected? Electrical wiring is one of the most important tasks we cover at Teague Electric. Homes with faulty or loose wiring are at risk for shocks, fires, or at least poor performance from appliances. This post will help you determine whether you should get a home safety […]

How to Spot Electrical Wiring Problems in Your Home

Today, we want to focus on detecting electrical wiring problems in your home. These are the issues that pose significant safety hazards if you don’t find them or ignore them for too long. They’re more common in older Kansas City homes, but you may notice a few deficiencies even in modern dwellings. Here are the […]

2023 Outdoor Lighting Options to Consider

Are you ready to head into the new year with a plan to boost your home’s curb appeal with outstanding outdoor lighting options? If so, we have plenty of selections. These are a small sample of what you can do to improve your home exterior with modern LED lighting and other fantastic fixtures. Ways to […]