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5 Benefits to Making the Switch to Smart Lighting

Deciding to switch to smart lighting may sound like a drastic move, but might be one of the wisest choices you’ll make as a homeowner. Smart lighting saves you time, helps keep your house more secure, and may help you save a lot on your electric bill. We’ll take a look at the five top […]

Outdoor Lighting to Consider this Spring

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in your home’s overall appearance. Besides giving your home a more pleasing, inviting look, the right lighting also makes your home and yard more secure. One of the best things about outdoor lighting is how many options you have available. The right lighting for the outdoors is one of […]

 6 Reasons to Have Under Cabinet Lighting Installed this Year

More and more people are discovering the joys of under cabinet lighting. They provide great lighting without having to give up any counter space. They make a great addition or alternative to wall or ceiling lighting fixtures. People are finding them to be very effective for lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, but they are easy […]

Creative Lighting Ideas to Consider for 2022

With advancements in technology and great options for light fixtures, you can get creative lighting ideas almost anywhere. Gone are the days of one large light on the ceiling to shine a glaring light on everything. Now you can have the perfect lighting in every room. Lighting that you can use for working, for relaxing, […]

Improve Your Kitchen with these Lighting Upgrades

One of the best ways to improve your kitchen is with a few lighting upgrades. It’s amazing how your kitchen can be improved with a few new lights. We use our kitchens for so much. It’s not just a place to eat, but work, talk, gather, throughout the day. Different tasks call for certain lighting. […]

6 Common Reasons Your Lights are Flickering

There could be a few reasons why your lights are flickering, none of them good. However, not all of the reasons are serious. It’s usually an indication there is a problem with the light bulb or your wiring.

Your Home Can Stand Out With Exterior Accent Lighting

Teague Electric, the leaders in Kansas City exterior lighting, can help you transform the exterior of your home. Our team can help you select products that will highlight all the right features. And we can install them all correctly so that your outdoor lighting system is safe and reliable.

To Extend the Holidays in Kansas City, Trimlight Is the Answer

The holidays never end because in Kansas City Trimlight keeps the party going year round. This innovative outdoor lighting solution adds a permanent festive look to your home’s exterior. It’s perfect for those who enjoy time in their outdoor living space or for those looking to add a classy nighttime aesthetic to their house. The […]