Teague’s Dedicated iCtrl Team Can Handle Your Low Voltage Needs

Teague’s Dedicated iCtrl Team Can Handle Any of Your Low Voltage Needs

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If there’s one thing almost every commercial building needs today, it’s internet access. Nowadays, it’s tough to run any sort of business without it.

Teague can ensure that your building is properly wired to handle access to the internet. Our technicians have the expertise and experience with low voltage needs and can get the job done correctly the first time.

We can advise you on the best layout for your data connection points throughout your facility to meet today’s needs while planning for future expansion requirements.

Beyond just the internet, our dedicated iCtrl team can help with all kinds of low voltage needs like automation, security and data cabling.

What Is Structured Cable?

Structured cable is the combination of many different types of cable into one system that carries all your voice, data, security and wireless connections throughout your facility. It even includes VoIP (Voice over IP) and PoE (Power over Ethernet) on the same lines.

While structured cable itself can cost more than a single ethernet cable for example, by combining all these cables into a single system, the cost savings are significant and add value to your overall facility.

At Teague, our decades of experience in installing electrical cables have uniquely positioned us for installing this advanced cable system in a way that will support your building now and into the future.

We can help with lighting, music, temperature and video. We can set up a system that will automatically activate at any time of day.

Enjoy Reliable Wireless Internet Access

Wireless access points are used extensively in today’s office environments. At Teague, we can work with your IT staff whether they are onsite or remote. We’ll install wireless hubs and routers that meet the needs of your business.

We’ve earned a great reputation in the Kansas City area for installation of cables from CAT 5 to fiber. Companies like CenturyLink and Time Warner regularly refer business to us.

Business Automation

Teague can help you achieve a set-it-and-forget-it system for your business. You can be freed from the distractions of technology and instead focus on running your business.

Teague can help almost any business gain a competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies and enhancing security. Utilizing automation can save you a great deal of time and money.

Set your lighting, music, temperature and video to greet your customers with the perfect welcome.

Monitor your business from virtually anywhere. Set your office to alert you if anything out of the ordinary is happening. You can even be informed if lights or equipment are left on.

Employ the power of technology and automation to impress business associates in a conference room with integrated lights, shade control and presentation equipment.

Work With Trained Specialists

Teague is different from other area electricians in that we have dedicated teams for each specific aspect of a commercial job. No more having to call around to multiple electricians to get your project to completion.

That means that our iCtrl team specializes specifically in low voltage work. They have the ongoing training and experience to qualify as true specialist experts.

Teague has been the area’s leader in timely service and quality workmanship for more than 40 years. We’ll bring a level of professionalism that’s unmatched in the area.

So, whether you want a full automation system or just need to access the internet, Teague will get the job done right the first time.

Contact us today.

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