The Average Cost of Installing Smart Lighting Control Systems

The Average Cost of Installing Smart Lighting Control Systems

cost of installing smart lighting

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The average cost of installing smart lighting control systems varies based on the system you use, the size of your property, and your installation company. There are smart lighting systems to suit most budgets, and a professional company can walk you through your options.

Although there is an initial investment, smart systems like the ones offered by Control4 let you manage your energy use or ensure that your home is safe and secure. This makes them a worthwhile investment.

The Average Cost of a Smart Lighting System Can Vary

A smart lighting system can be budget-friendly or a substantial investment. Some installations are straightforward, while others are complex and require numerous lights and switches. Each lighting system will also have specific features and components affecting the cost. Labor and travel costs are another factor to consider.

Type of System

Basic Systems usually consist of smart switches and dimmers that you can control remotely or through a mobile app. These can be between $200-$500 per room.

Advanced Systems have additional features like voice control integration, color-changing lights, scheduling, and integration with other smart home devices. These can cost between $500- $2000 per room.

Whole-House Systems will depend on the size of your home, the number of rooms, light fixtures, and the type of system you are using. These can cost between $3000 – $10 000+.

Size of the Property

The size of your home makes a big difference in the cost of installing smart lighting control systems.

  • Number of Rooms: More rooms means more switches, dimmers, and smart bulbs.
  • Type of Fixture: Chandeliers and track lighting require different bulbs, affecting cost.
  • Floor Area: bigger spaces require longer wiring runs and additional materials.
  • Control Hub: Depending on the size of your property and the level of automation, you may need a central control hub to manage the system.

Features and Components

The features and components you include in the installation will affect your overall cost.

  • Smart Switches vs. Smart Bulbs: Switches are installed in-wall and control the power to your existing fixtures. These are more cost-effective. Smart bulbs replace your traditional bulbs and can be controlled individually. Color-changing bulbs are more expensive.
  • Dimmers: Dimmers can adjust the brightness of a light. They are typically more costly than regular fixtures.
  • Voice Control Integration: This addition may come at a higher cost due to the extra technology required for integration and compatibility with other systems.

Benefits of Installing Smart Lighting Control Systems

Installing smart lighting control systems can be expensive initially, but they are a wise investment.

  • Smart systems save time, make your home more secure, and saves you money
  • You can control your lights from anywhere
  • Dimmers and colored lights allow you to set the mood
  • Smart systems offer improved energy consumption because you can control what lights stay on and for how long
  • Smart lights provide added security, allowing you t turn your lights on while you are away

Teague Electric Trusts Control4 Products

Control4 offers a full range of smart lighting products. The technology integrates your lights with music, shades, locks, climate control, and video. These systems can be controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

They are efficient and come in a range of sophisticated designs and a wide array of colors. Control4 systems offer expansive customizations like keypads, engraving, and LED backlighting with ambient sensors.

Smart Lighting is a Great Investment

Perfect for those building a new home or undertaking a remodel, smart lighting allows you to move your lighting controls elsewhere, allowing you to replace banks of switches with stylish and elegant keypads. They also offer added security, versatility, and money-saving potential.

If you are considering a smart lighting system for your home, contact Teague Electric to learn more.

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