The Benefits Of An Electrical Panel Upgrade

The Benefits Of An Electrical Panel Upgrade

electrical panel upgrade

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Have you considered getting an electrical panel upgrade for your Kansas City home?

This is a wise investment if you have an older house with low amps, or have expanded your home and need greater electrical output. We’d like to show you a few terrific reasons to upgrade your electrical panel and permanently resolve several issues.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your home’s electrical panel (AKA “breaker box”) is the heart of your electrical system. If you’ve reached its maximum capacity, you could encounter lots of trouble like:

  • Breaker Trips All the Time
    • Three of the most common breaker trips causes involve 1) inadequate electrical panels, 2) faulty/loose wiring, or 3) problems with the breaker. This is a problem you should address when the trips become repetitive.
  • You Notice Odd Sounds Coming from the Breaker Box
    • It’s normal to hear a “buzzing” sound around your breaker box. If you notice, however, any “popping” or “crackling” noises, there could be a serious problem. Those sounds may indicate arcing or overloading within the breaker.
  • Your Home is Over 20 Years Old
    • Older homes often have old/obsolete wiring and rarely have enough amps to power every major appliance. We recommend getting an upgrade when there’s less than 100 amps available.
  • You See Melted Wires, Scorch Marks on Outlet, & Other Damages
    • These are very serious hazards and signs of trouble for your breaker box. If you notice these conditions or smell something burning, then call an electrician ASAP.

Greatest Benefits of Getting an Electrical Panel Upgrade

These are the top benefits you’ll enjoy by updating your home’s electrical panel.

  • More power to run an array of appliances with heavy energy requirements.
  • An upgrade also makes your home safer because with more room for electrical output, the energy has a place to go rather than arc, cause shocks, and overheat.
  • Your home will be much more energy efficient with upgraded circuitry.
  • You may even save money on your home insurance premiums. That’s because some insurance providers like it when homeowners augment their home with safety features. This includes panel upgrades, exterior lighting, security system installation, better GFCI/AFCI outlet coverage, and rewiring if necessary.
  • This is one of the best ways to conquer your trouble with breaker trips, electrical outages, flickering lights, and other issues. If you’d like to eliminate a slew of maintenance concerns, then here’s how to do so.

Other Electrical Services to Consider

While you’re focusing on rejuvenating your house’s electrical framework, we have a few other suggestions. Teague Electric also offers specialized electrical repair services, such as rewiring your home. This is a crucial upgrade element if you’ve lived in a home for a while and don’t know how old the wires are (or whether they’re up to code).

As we inspect for electrical problems, one of the things we check is the level of GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) coverage in your home. Every electrical code requires these for places like your kitchen or bathroom. If we notice you’re missing them or don’t have enough, we can install them for an affordable rate.

Teague Electric: Your One-Stop-Shop for All Electrical Services

So, if your older home needs a panel upgrade, new wiring, or any other critical repairs, we’re the ones to call. There’s almost nothing we haven’t seen in our 40+ years of experience as electricians. Even if all you’ve done is add a new room to your house, it never hurts to have our trained professionals examine your electrical systems.

Teague Electric maintains a solid reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has over a thousand five-star customer reviews. We have certification and licensing to perform electrical work anywhere in Kansas City.

Contact Teague Electric soon to explore a potential electrical panel upgrade for your home.

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