The Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

The Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

outdoor LED lighting

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There are many benefits to having outdoor lighting in general, but there are even more benefits to using outdoor LED lighting specifically.

Outdoor lighting will provide safety, security, and value to your home. So, why should you use LED lighting?

Outdoor LED Lighting Benefits

Outdoor lighting is a wonderful thing to have around your property. Still, it would be best if you had LEDs to take advantage of some opportunities. There are many outdoor lighting options to consider, but choosing LEDs will make your choices more accessible and cheaper in the long run.

Energy Efficient

LEDs are known for their energy efficiency while producing minimal heat. Thus, they need less power to emit the same amount of light, which will save you money in the long run. They are nearly 50% more energy efficient than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.


Not only will they use less power, but they will also last three to five times longer than fluorescent bulbs and 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This will also save you more time and money because you will not have to replace the bulbs as much.


LEDs generate fewer emissions than other types of bulbs. They also do not contain lead or mercury and emit fewer toxic gasses and carbon dioxide.


These bulbs have lighting similar to natural light and other realistic colors. LEDs will also enhance any landmarks, supporting the ambiance of nighttime. They also attract fewer bugs, so this helps the appeal of the area that the lights are in.

Not only will LEDs support your ambiance, but they will turn on instantly while also being brighter than traditional bulbs. They work amazingly for security and help bring out more color in CCTV images than other lighting options.


As mentioned previously, LEDs will save you quite a bit of money in the long run, but let us review why one more time.

Though they are more pricey to install and buy initially, these bulbs and fixtures will last longer, meaning you will not have to buy as many as often as other types of lighting. Additionally, they are very energy efficient, which will save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Outdoor LED Fixture Benefits

LED fixtures are extremely durable and perfect for most locales. These fixtures are in weather-proof casings that withstand rain, winds, and more.

Additionally, they work in a multitude of environments, even if they are damp, humid, or frigid. The LED light fixtures will work as long as the temperatures are above -20ºC to turn on. LEDs lighting performance increases as temperatures drop, so they work well in outdoor areas.

Where Should I Put The LED Lighting?

Because of all their exceptional qualities, LED lighting can be put pretty much anywhere. They are great for garages, floodlights, and security lighting, as mentioned above. Additionally, they can be used for lighting a back patio or landscape where you want to host a party.

Upgrading to LEDs

It can be very easy to upgrade your current lights to LED lights. It is extremely possible that your existing lighting fixtures can have LED bulbs placed in them or retrofitted. You just need to ensure that the LED’s base, which screws into the fixture, matches the fixture’s socket.

However, suppose the current fixture cannot be retrofitted. In that case, you can easily install a new LED fixture or have Teague Electric do it for you.

I Want Outdoor LED Lighting Now

Whether you want to install brand-new LED lighting or upgrade an older system, our qualified electricians at Teague Electric are perfect for the job. We can assist you with indoor and outdoor lighting as well as any commercial business lighting needs.

Our professionals will go above and beyond to give you the perfect outdoor lighting for your property’s ambiance.

We have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), demonstrating our fantastic work ethic and loyalty to you. Don’t just let all our positive reviews speak for themselves; hire us today so that we can show you ourselves.

Learn more about the costs and benefits of installing outdoor LED lighting in your Kansas City home by contacting Teague Electric today!

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