The Benefits of Using Lighting Controls For Your Kansas City Home

The Benefits of Using Lighting Controls For Your Kansas City Home

benefits of using lighting controls

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There are many benefits of using lighting controls in your home, whether in the Kansas City area or elsewhere. These systems can reduce energy consumption, increase security and safety, enhance comfort, and increase productivity.

What Exactly Are Lighting Controls?

Lighting controls are part of a centralized system that controls the lighting in a building or area. These systems can control indoor or outdoor lighting and can be programmed to turn lights on and off at specific times or in response to certain conditions.

Some lighting controls are just timers and sensors, while others are robust lighting management systems with remote controls, smartphone apps, or real-time tracking and analysis.

Four Benefits Of Using Lighting Controls

There are four main benefits to having lighting controls that we will be sharing with you today:

#1 Energy Consumption

Lighting controls help to reduce energy consumption, especially when they are in an office or commercial space. Since lighting controls can automatically turn off or dim when unnecessary, they can save from high energy consumption.

Additionally, if these controls are utilized with LED lights and fixtures, they reduce energy consumption even further than traditional lights.

#2 Security and Safety

Since lighting controls can be programmed to turn lights on and off in response to certain conditions, like when people are present or when doors are opened, they increase your home’s or business’s security.

Some can even be used to monitor activity in and around a building, while others can be programmed to activate a third-party system, like an alarm. All these factors deter intruders because it makes it harder for them to be undetected.

Lighting controls also increase the area’s safety by reducing manual operation lights, the potential for human error, and associated risks. They also can prevent trips and falls by ensuring the lights are on in areas they are needed, like stairwells.

#3 Comfort

These systems can provide the ability to adjust the light level in space to suit the task at hand and the occupants’ preferences. This minimizes glare and hot spots, creating a more relaxed, comforting environment.

#4 Productivity

Lighting controls can adjust the lighting levels to suit the task at hand, which increases productivity. This reduces eye strain and fatigue while increasing focus and concentration. Because the lighting levels are optimal for productivity, employee satisfaction and motivation to work increase.

Different Types of Lighting Controls

As mentioned previously, there are many different lighting controls, but three most common types exist.


Dimmers are the best controls to control the amount of lighting in an area at any given time. These will increase comfort and productivity within your home or business because the lights will never be too harsh.


Sensors include motion sensors, occupancy sensors, and photosensors.

Motion sensors will turn lights on when they detect motion, and they will turn them off once no movement has been detected over a period of time. These are great for outdoor security, utility lighting, and any place that only needs to be on when people are present, and those people are moving (so not in an office or bedroom).

Occupancy sensors detect indoor activity within the area they are programmed in, so they are similar to motion sensors. But ultrasonic and infrared sensors are within this category, and they detect sound or heat and motion.


If you want to turn lights on and off at specific times every day, like at a commercial business, then this is the system for you. But, they are not great for saving on energy consumption in homes.

Are There Benefits Of Using Lighting Controls By Teague Electric?

If you live in the Kansas City metro area, our qualified electricians would love to discuss the benefits of installing or repairing your controls with Teague Electric. We are confident that our electricians will go above and beyond for all your lighting control needs, from simple timers to smartphone apps.

We can also assist in automizing your electrical system by putting your thermostats, security panels, lights, audio equipment, and TVs on one system. This makes your life so much simpler!

Learn more about the benefits of using lighting controls in your Kansas City home by contacting Teague Electric today!

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