The Outdoor Lighting Installation Process

The Outdoor Lighting Installation Process

outdoor lighting installation

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You may have decided you want landscape lighting, but now you are wondering what the process of outdoor lighting installation will look like. Well, you came to the right place.

Today we will elaborate on the steps that make up the installation of outdoor lighting from the beginning.

First and Foremost

Before any lights are installed, there must be a few meetings to discuss the lighting designs.

Initial Meeting

There will need to be an initial meeting with the electrician you choose for them to generate ideas based on the area(s) you want lighting in and what the area(s) will be used for.

When the landscape usage is being discussed, the electricians will give you suggestions as to what lighting techniques to use in specific areas based on how they will be utilized.

For example, pathway lighting will have different techniques than a yard. A yard will implement other lighting techniques depending on the primary use for the yard, like children playing or adult social events.

The Time To Change

After the initial meeting, there will be two main events that will allow you to speak your mind about the lighting design to change it prior to beginning installation.

Drafting Designs

After the initial meeting, electricians will develop a written design of the outdoor lighting proposal. This can be brought to you as the client to ensure you like the entire design once it is laid out before any work begins.

Gather Fixtures

The electric company will usually assemble the fixtures offset because they come in boxes and must be put together. It is easier for the company to put the fixtures together beforehand due to a load of boxes they would have to carry back and forth.

Lay Out Lights

The first step is to lay out the lights in the landscape to check one last time about the locations and designs before installation. This is the final easy step to change anything about the lighting before it is installed and a mess is produced.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Once the landscape purpose has been discussed and a design has been approved, the electricians will begin the installation.

Transformer Box

The first thing electricians should do is mount the transformer box in order to convert the electricity from the house to a lower current for the outdoor lighting. There are many different types of transformers that can be installed like one’s with timers, remote controls, photocells to sense light, and so on.


The gauge of the wire needed to serve the lighting will be based on the number and wattage of lights being installed. The wires’ thicknesses vary from 8 to 14 gauge, and they will likely use copper or marine-grade tin-coated wire for best results.

When the wires are buried in a garden or area that will likely be dug up, the electricians will put the wires through a sturdy pipe to keep them from getting broken.

Cost of Outdoor Lighting

Depending on the number of lights you need, the bulb type, the lighting techniques you want to use, and how difficult the lighting is to install, the entire cost of the project will vary. You also have to consider the quality of the light fixtures and the size of the transformer needed for the area.

Additionally, if any lights are installed in structures like soffits or trees, the labor cost would likely increase, so you want to be aware of the expenses and your budget.

Before beginning the project, you should create a budget to ensure the project does not send you over the edge.

Need Assistance With Your Outdoor Lighting Installation?

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