Tips For Choosing The Best Living Room Lighting

Tips For Choosing The Best Living Room Lighting

best living room lighting

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When redecorating or installing lighting, you want to choose the best living room lighting based on the ambiance, the tasks that occur in the area, and what you want to accent.

Guests spend the most time in the living room, so this room needs to be appealing, especially the lighting.


Consider what style you want to portray in your living room. The fixtures you choose will either take away from or support your ambiance. Do you want a more modern, traditional, rugged, futuristic, country, or other styles for the atmosphere of your home?

Think about how light fixtures impact a room, like how a chandelier gives off a different vibe than a floor lamp.

You may want wall-mounted fixtures, portable lamps, a ceiling fan with lights on it, hanging pendants, or other lighting techniques and fixtures. You need to know what kind of atmosphere you want to create to choose the right lighting style.


Having multiple lighting sources throughout a room, including dimmer switches, is always a great idea to manage the lighting for different scenarios continually.

The secret to a cozy room is layers. Try to use a combination of lighting types and fixtures to get the perfect atmosphere for your home. Consider a combination of different styles and techniques of lighting like sconces, table and floor lamps, downlighting, and more.

Natural Lighting

Ensure to note how many windows there are, how big they are, and how much light pours in.

If your living room is heavily lit up during the day because of the windows, then you will not need as much lighting as a room that needs to create light at all hours of the day; however, even with a lot of natural light, you will still need lighting once the sun disappears for the night.

If the room does not receive a lot of natural light, then your best bet will be to layer the lights, as mentioned above. Consider sconces for bare walls as they take up wall space while adding decoration and light.

Ceiling Height

Did you know that even that ceiling height impacts the lighting ambiance within your home? If it has high ceilings, you want to keep the living room full of warm light, so a dimmer switch is highly recommended.

Lower ceilings should create a more intimate feeling. Implementing all sorts of lamps in this type of room can be a great idea. A large ceiling light close to the ground could cause people to strain their eyes due to it being too bright, whereas lamps will help keep the light warm and inviting.

Best Living Room Lighting Based On Tasks

Most importantly, you must consider what will occur task-wise in this room. If you plan to read or write at a desk, you will need brighter lighting to complete these detail-oriented tasks.

Say that you only want to read in the living room a couple of times a week for an hour or two, but otherwise, the room would be used for lounging. In that case, you should have a lamp or direct light source over the area that can be turned off when not in use that does not contradict the general lighting.

Good task lighting will help you be more motivated and productive to complete said tasks because the lighting will not make you strain your eyes.


When designing your living room lighting, you need to consider if there are any objects or focal points that you want to accent. For example, you may want to highlight a fireplace or painting.

For accent lighting to highlight the focal point, the lighting will need to be about five times brighter than the surrounding light.

Layering your lighting is a great way to include accent lighting, as certain fixtures will create highlighting.

I Want The Best Living Room Lighting!

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