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Tips to Lower Your Electric Bills this Winter

Tips to Lower Your Electric Bills this Winter

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There are some homeowners in the Kansas City area who get a bit nervous when it begins getting cooler out. They think about the increasing heating bills that are to come, on top of holiday shopping expenses. However, there is no need to panic. There are a number of easy, fast, yet effective ways to reduce your electric bill this winter. When you use the tips here, you will find you aren’t struggling to pay the bill to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Utilize Natural Light when Possible

Because the days are shorter in the winter, there aren’t as many daylight hours. Rather than turning on all of your lights, all day, take advantage of the sun’s light when you are at home. Also, when you open your blinds and curtains, you will benefit from the light, as well as the passive solar heat given off by the sun that helps to warm up the room. If you close the doors in each room, you can even trap the heat more effectively.

Make Sure Your Home is Properly Insulated

Many homeowners don’t realize that quite a bit of heat is lost because of attics that aren’t properly insulated and doors and windows that aren’t sealed. While you can call a professional with help to get your attic insulated, there are some do-it-yourself options you can use to seal up drafty windows. You can find self-adhesive weather stripping at virtually any local hardware store, as well as window insulator kids that are sold with material that will seal the edges. You can place fabric draft stoppers in front of doors leading to the exterior of your home to help block drafts further.

When Possible, Lower Your Thermostat

If you are able to turn back your thermostat a few degrees while you are at work or asleep, it will help to keep your heating costs low. After all, you don’t need the house to be warm if no one is home. You can also add an extra blanket to the bed at night.

Unplug Anything You Aren’t Using

While you may hear this often, it is only because it is true. Even if you turn off your appliances and electronics, it doesn’t mean they aren’t using energy. When something is plugged in, it is going to keep pulling energy and costing you money. These small amounts can really add up over time. In fact, the EPA estimates that there is $10 million worth of energy used each year by idle devices. Take a few minutes to unplug and see the savings on your electric bill.

Decorate Wisely

If you are planning on putting up holiday lights, you don’t have to completely forego them to save money. However, consider switching to LED bulbs and use a timer to limit how long the lights remain on.

You can also speak to the professionals to learn more tips to reduce how much energy you cost, and your energy bills, this winter.

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