Tips for Reducing Energy Usage During the Holidays

Tips for Reducing Energy Usage During the Holidays

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There is no question that the holidays are a magical time. Everyone’s spirits and moods are further lifted by the beautiful, twinkling Christmas lights used for decorating your home. However, the downside of all these lights is increased energy consumption, and as a result, power bills.

You don’t have to let these increasing costs prevent you from decking your home out with all the lights and décor you desire. Instead, use the tips here to enjoy and energy efficient holiday season.

Replace Your Traditional Lights with LEDs

By now you know how efficient LED lights are, especially compared to traditional bulbs. When you compare a string of traditional holiday lights with Energy Star rated LED bulbs, you will find that the LEDs use up to 90 percent less electricity, but the light produced is just as bright.

Another advantage offered by using LEDs is that they won’t burn out. Because they are so durable, you won’t have to spend the first hour of putting up your lights trying to find the one burnt out bulb. Also, when you use LEDs inside your home, you don’t have to worry as much about fire, because LEDs are much cooler than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Not only will LEDs help you save energy, they are also offered in an array of fading and twinkling light effects, which will help make your holiday display stand out. In fact, you can now find LED lights in several festive forms, including laser lights, spotlights and LED ropes.

Use a Timer for Your Light Display

There is no reason you should be turning on your light display when there is no one around to enjoy it. Rather than burning your lights throughout the day and night, make sure to only turn them on when it is dark out, and when people are around. By doing this, you will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the display, and you can save energy, reducing your electric costs.

Use Home Automation to Control Your Holiday Lights

When you control your lights automatically, you can see energy savings that are even higher. Rather than relying on your memory to turn your holiday lights off and on, consider utilizing smart home automation features. You can find systems that provide more benefits than just turning the lights on and off. These systems may also be able to help improve the lighting in your entire home, and secure the exterior.

Even an extremely modest holiday light display can consume quite a bit of energy. Even if you are only choosing to light your tree this year, there are ways you can do it economically. However, if you implement the tips here, you will find you can enjoy a full holiday light display, while keeping your energy costs low.

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